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Member Since 25 Nov 2011
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In Topic: Bosch Dishwasher SGS09A08GB/11 upper arm

09 March 2013 - 11:58 AM

The arm keeps touching the basket, I think I may have fixed it using a cable tie, that pulling the arm holder in one direction straightens the arm itself. I'll check on it and report.

In Topic: Bosch Dishwasher SGS09A08GB/11 upper arm

01 February 2013 - 07:05 PM

Right, I have replaced the arm, but I am not sure I have solved the problem. It spins, for the time being, but it still hit the basket when doing it. You can clearly hear from outside and I am quite confident it hits where the other was hitting.


Unless it's supposed to do so (I don't think so) what could it be? The arm fits on the basket itself, but the fitting hardware seems ok. There was a plastic clip with the arm, to be fitted "up to some model", but it seems it does not apply to mine.


Any suggestions?

In Topic: Bosch Dishwasher SGS09A08GB/11 upper arm

26 January 2013 - 07:31 PM

Hey kdog,


Just to mention that I couldn't buy the arm from you - I would have, but I do not live in the US, I live in the UK and as far as I understand you do not ship other than US and Canada. But I do appreciate the help here guys!

In Topic: Bosch Dishwasher SGS09A08GB/11 upper arm

25 January 2013 - 02:32 PM

Right, how come I always find the solution AFTER I post on this forum? :)


Look at the attachment, the knob that holds the upper arm in place is worn out where the arm rests. This has allowed a higher play, and the arm is free to rake a bit, ending up against the basket.


I put a - temporary - washer, the play has reduced but I think I do need a new arm anyway.


What is your opinion?


Scottthewolf: I disassembled the upper arm and nozzle assembly from the bottom of the dishwasher and checked that it was free.

In Topic: Bosch Dishwasher SGS09A08GB/11 upper arm

25 January 2013 - 02:03 PM

Hello everybody.

I am upping this thread because despite my findings, I have been thinking that there was something stuck in my dishwasher.


So today I took a few more videos of the inside and I found that I was right!


Please check the video, it begins with the bottom arm spinning (you can see the water) and then when it moves to the upper arm, it's clearly stuck. Then I open the dishwasher and simply move the arm a few degrees. The arm then starts spinning with no problems even though I can hear a bumping noise - there is nothing in the dishwasher, the arm is possibly not spinning straight and bumping where it usually gets stuck.


I have been seeing the arm in that position many times when I opened the door.


What could it be?



Please note that I have cleaned the entire assembly, the pipes, the arms, the nozzles, everything. I have disassembled the thing and cleaned it upside down. It looks fine to me.


Any suggestions? Attached some pictures of the assembly as well. The arm when it's idle rests in the "stuck" position.

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