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In Topic: ASKO W600 Washing Machine - Door Latch Broken

19 November 2012 - 02:50 PM

Anybody have advice before I order the pump hose for my ASKO W600? I plan to replace it myself and wonder if I should consider replacing other hoses. None have leaks or look weak but hey... what do I know?

In Topic: ASKO W600 Washing Machine - Door Latch Broken

12 November 2012 - 04:26 PM

Nov 12, 2012 ASKO W600 Washer Repair - Status Update.
Original Problem: plastic latch broken on front door panel and dramatic increase in water leaking from bottom of machine.
1) Problem with broken door latch is fixed.
2) Lock Switch. Not knowing if it needs replacing (but ordering the part anyway) I have not attempted to replace door lock switch. [Repair Clinic part number Item # 764056 Manufacturer Number 8061679
3) Water leak source. Tested washer with top and front panel removed. Found two sources of water leaking from the pump hose [Repair Clinic part number Item # 764058 Manufacturer Number 8061681]

At this point, I stopped to wait until the technical manual could be obtained before any more dis-assembly. [actually, I was busy with auto dramas at our house] Meanwhile it was necessary to clean all the debris and disgusting stuff inside the base of the machine from months of water leaking.

Now I am preparing to order the pump hose and wonder if anyone has done this before? Any advice?

All the other hoses seem fine and considering the age of this machine (1998) it is remarkable how sturdy and reliable everything else seems as I looked inside. Pictures will be uploaded once I remember how to do that from home. So that's where I am until this weekend. [Have to pay attention to my paying job first] -Judy

In Topic: ASKO W600 Washing Machine - Door Latch Broken

22 October 2012 - 10:03 AM

Okay I will looking through the manual. Meanwhile here is the status on the ASKO W600 washing machine problems:

1) Broken door latch problem. The door is replaced (the full door assembly). Door fits and works fine. Ran a cycle. No leaks from door but...

2) the long standing problem of water leaking from the bottom of the washer is significantly worse and now the tub does not rotate. My guess is that there is not enough remaining water to trigger the drum to rotate. After watching (and listening to an entire wash cycle) there were no error codes but the tub never rotated and when the cycle ended, the door did not release.

3) Door locking sensor may also need replacing. I anticipated that and ordered the part when I ordered the door since even before the final latch break, the door would periodically not release without using the emergency plastic manual release in the lower front pump area.

4) Even though I routinely clean the pump trap, the heaviest leaking is coming from around that area of the bottom front of the machine. Without the manual, I only removed the top cover and from what I could see no hoses were questionable looking but I will know more once I can get a look at the bottom of the washer.

From the top view (will upload picture tomorrow), the ASKO W600 was amazingly clean and didn't look like a 13 year old machine. Wow..... those Swedish folks were way ahead of the curve on front loader design and assembly. As much as I try to buy American, quality matters and there were few choices available in 1998 when we were looking into high efficiency washers and dryers.

Working my real (read: paying) job today but will resume my appliance work tomorrow after looking over the manual. Thanks all. -Judy

PS. With a listed capacity of 1.9, this size has worked well for two people. I even wash our queen size comforter in it.
With houseguests now, recent levels of laundry meant more items were stuffed into the washer.... which may have aggravated our long standing (and ignored by me) water leaks from the base of the washer into the (no longer ignorable) current water leaking crisis.... where almost all of it runs out soon after the water is pumped in. Yikes.....

In Topic: Dryer won't start ASKO T700

05 January 2012 - 10:42 AM

Stand back ASKO! You may not be customer support friendly but I mastered the your Model T700 dryer and the private band in my head played full blast.

After doing everything possible to avoid going the final round with my broken dryer, I finally dragged my butt downstairs with a multimeter and finished the ASKO T700 dryer fix this past New Year's weekend.

2011 went out with all screws in place and drum rolls!!!!

New Years Day. 2012. Working alone for hours, I was exhausted and bruised but when it was all over the funky little square white machine was forced to roll over and dry my clothes!!!!

There were a few obstacles along the way (which I will document later) but the FINAL problem turned out to be fairly simple - that f*&I(@$^ LITTLE TINY WHITE pointed plastic piece on the door (that applies pressure to a tiny switch that tells the dryer that the door is closed) was broken off when the front panel door was removed.

In the process of repair, pictures were taken of everything before I would remove it. I had loosened the hinge bracket from the front panel but didn't expect the door to fall off before I could react. When it did, the little funky piece of plastic must have broken off.

What kind of designing is that????

Repair for other appliance repair newbies goes like this:
Contact the Samuri man and get the stinkin' service manual that "authorized" repair folks use.

ASKO service dept personnel never did send me the promised diagrams of the back panel assembly.
The drawings from repairclinic.com were excellant but they only send drawings of the parts ordered. Duh.


I will upload pictures this weekend but wanted to give an update since the dryer is functioning again. Took the money I saved and ordered a new TV for the bedroom. My husband had his knee surgery and has been too medicated to care about the dryer but he is very proud of my tenacity. Yeah...me too.

Why let some stranger mess up your appliances when you can get on this forum and do it your own self?

Note: The little plastic piece has been glued on twice and worked for a day or two of constant use. 'Over it' and thoroughly disgusted, I stuck a bent piece of plastic tie wrap into the little hole until my brain figures out how to screw in something that will function appropriately and not short out the switch.

Now it is time to complain to ASKO... and thank the Samurai Appliance Repair Man for his helpful documents, his endless appliance wisdom and witty comebacks.

During those lonely hours of T700 ASKO dryer battle, his support and forum comments kept me laughing internally - willing to ignore the sweat running into my contacts - to find a higher purpose in applianceland.

As for ASKO. The beautiful design of the overall dryer flawed by a majorly CHEAP design flaw in the (obnoxiously important) "door closed" switch assembly. Later - Judy

In Topic: Dryer won't start ASKO T700

13 December 2011 - 01:45 PM

My husband had a total knee replacement last Friday (12/9/11) so I haven't been home much except to sleep. Since I quickly obtained a 'beater' dryer, the ASKO is going to have to wait another week or so. Partners come first, then appliances (the pets somewhere in between). No one can say my priorities are askew.
Posting will resume when next I tangle with the square white devil dryer. - Later

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