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Member Since 05 Dec 2011
Offline Last Active Jan 07 2015 10:13 AM

#219501 Dryer won't start ASKO T700

Posted by snelljm on 05 January 2012 - 10:42 AM

Stand back ASKO! You may not be customer support friendly but I mastered the your Model T700 dryer and the private band in my head played full blast.

After doing everything possible to avoid going the final round with my broken dryer, I finally dragged my butt downstairs with a multimeter and finished the ASKO T700 dryer fix this past New Year's weekend.

2011 went out with all screws in place and drum rolls!!!!

New Years Day. 2012. Working alone for hours, I was exhausted and bruised but when it was all over the funky little square white machine was forced to roll over and dry my clothes!!!!

There were a few obstacles along the way (which I will document later) but the FINAL problem turned out to be fairly simple - that f*&I(@$^ LITTLE TINY WHITE pointed plastic piece on the door (that applies pressure to a tiny switch that tells the dryer that the door is closed) was broken off when the front panel door was removed.

In the process of repair, pictures were taken of everything before I would remove it. I had loosened the hinge bracket from the front panel but didn't expect the door to fall off before I could react. When it did, the little funky piece of plastic must have broken off.

What kind of designing is that????

Repair for other appliance repair newbies goes like this:
Contact the Samuri man and get the stinkin' service manual that "authorized" repair folks use.

ASKO service dept personnel never did send me the promised diagrams of the back panel assembly.
The drawings from repairclinic.com were excellant but they only send drawings of the parts ordered. Duh.


I will upload pictures this weekend but wanted to give an update since the dryer is functioning again. Took the money I saved and ordered a new TV for the bedroom. My husband had his knee surgery and has been too medicated to care about the dryer but he is very proud of my tenacity. Yeah...me too.

Why let some stranger mess up your appliances when you can get on this forum and do it your own self?

Note: The little plastic piece has been glued on twice and worked for a day or two of constant use. 'Over it' and thoroughly disgusted, I stuck a bent piece of plastic tie wrap into the little hole until my brain figures out how to screw in something that will function appropriately and not short out the switch.

Now it is time to complain to ASKO... and thank the Samurai Appliance Repair Man for his helpful documents, his endless appliance wisdom and witty comebacks.

During those lonely hours of T700 ASKO dryer battle, his support and forum comments kept me laughing internally - willing to ignore the sweat running into my contacts - to find a higher purpose in applianceland.

As for ASKO. The beautiful design of the overall dryer flawed by a majorly CHEAP design flaw in the (obnoxiously important) "door closed" switch assembly. Later - Judy

#217331 Dryer won't start ASKO T700

Posted by snelljm on 13 December 2011 - 01:45 PM

My husband had a total knee replacement last Friday (12/9/11) so I haven't been home much except to sleep. Since I quickly obtained a 'beater' dryer, the ASKO is going to have to wait another week or so. Partners come first, then appliances (the pets somewhere in between). No one can say my priorities are askew.
Posting will resume when next I tangle with the square white devil dryer. - Later

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