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Topics I've Started

Lost neutral damage

30 November 2012 - 01:28 AM

The power line coming into my house shorted and the neutral line burned out. This resulted in all light bulbs burning out and over voltage on my appliance circuits. My Sub Zero refrigerator, high efficiency gas furnace and Thermador cooktop are now dead. What should I look for first in the refrigerator (Model 850) and cooktop?


Subzero 680 evaporator fan freezes

05 June 2012 - 09:24 AM

My Subzero 680 was badly abused in the past by the last guy who tried to repair it. He messed about with the wiring at the rear of the freezer compartment and when he reassembled it he laid the wiring across the defrost heater coil which fried the defrost terminator and a lot of the wiring. It got hot enough that the ice cube bin has warped and the ceiling of the freezer compartment was covered with soot.

Then because he was really having a bad day he installed the front freezer cover which has the upper light on it so the wiring to the light was across the front of the defrost element. This fried the light terminator and wiring to the light and partially melted the cover on the front of the icemaker.

After I repaired the wiring and replaced both terminators the freezer seemed to work OK but after varying lengths of time the evaporator fan would stop and the freezer would warm up. When I disassembled it the housing around the evaporator fan was full of ice which gradually built up until it overflowed into the fan blades and stopped them. After chipping the ice away everything is OK again for a few days. I turned off the icemaker to be sure the water was not coming from there.

Is it possible that when the freezer was acting as an oven some of the insulation in the top of the cabinet melted and now moisture is hitting the hot spot and dripping down onto the fan? What repair is possible?

I would appreciate any help you can give me, thanks.

Subzero 680 refrigerator no serial number tag

12 April 2012 - 03:32 PM

My 680 which I bought used has had the cheap sticky tape serial number tag removed. Without the serial number the parts distributor cannot guarantee which parts will fit. I have already paid restocking charges on a couple of items. Does anyone know how to find which manual, parts list etc. will work for my fridge? I have the wiring diagram which has a part number on it and you would think they could identify the machine from that but apparently not. The manuals and parts list downloads from this site for the 600 series Subzero before serial # 1810000 does not include a 680 and the one for 600 series after #1810000 show all 600 series with an annunciator on the control panel which mine does not have. It's truly an orphan! Help! I need to order parts and a repair manual with the diagnostics would be a great help too.

Subzero 680 freezer problem

28 December 2011 - 09:40 PM

I have a 10 year old Subzero 680 on which the freezer alternately thaws and refreezes. The compressor takes it down to zero degrees but after a day or so it gradually warms up (defrosts?) to about 20 degrees or more, enough to partially melt the ice in the ice storage bin, and then the compressor comes back on and it cools to zero again. Refrigerator side works fine.

Any suggestions?

I also would like a service manual for this unit, any sources anyone knows of?


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