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Topics I've Started

Samsung Refrigerator RS2530BBP/XAA

09 April 2014 - 08:13 AM

Friend of mine ran into this model Samsung only lights working, 

He did not test board but assumed thats what the problem was.


He returned with new board , installed , unit still dead.


Finds out customer had ice maker removed to order new & replace.


He installed old ice maker back  & unit came on.??????  flex tray ice maker type.  An other buddy told him he has run across this before.


Now he is stuck with a new board, seems when customer removed ice mkr the unit stopped, but since its spare refrigerator he did not notice until later in the week.


I have not seen any info on this or even why it would stop unit from operating, checked schematic could not see correlation?


Has any one seen such a problem .   Posting to give you guys heads up.


Did I miss that Class???

Whirlpool Ice makerproblem

26 February 2014 - 11:00 AM

Whirlpool refrig model number GZ25SFRXYY2


no ice took icemaker out but I have no Idea how this one works or how to test it.  part number 


Any one out there with this problem , would greatly appreciate

Samsung RS253BASB

02 December 2013 - 11:11 AM

Samsung RS253BASB  refrig. fan motor NLA  part number DA31-00002S


 used a Frigidaire that i had in truck .  But it was a bit too wide, had to use spacers to make fit so fan blade would not hit housing,  Can u say jury rigged??? yes its for my own fridge.


Does any one know a replacement that fits better? I can start hearing blade scraping gently.


The reason I have this predicament is I THREW out the original by mistake.


Guess I will try to replace with a SUBCO fan.


New VerticalModularWasher by Whirlpool.

26 June 2013 - 08:41 AM

Good Day Yall!


6 years ago I rebuilt my Stateroom (bedroom) on my house boat & installed a Frigidaire front load washer & dryer under the bed at the footer.  Only ones back then I would trust & they have been good.

  God forbid they break down because ill have to take a week off taking the damn thing apart LOL.  Now personally I think L.G. (god forgive me) front load bottom of line (no Steam) is a pretty good washer & easy to repair.

Any way got hold of ,

for free a VMW washer for my moms house & I dont think They clean good.

  Im still testing it but if you use powder, i.e. oxiclean some clothes still had it on them like they never got wet or wet enough?    I am going to try to test it some more (hate to get rid of a FREE washer) but I am real close to go buy an LG.  I perspire a lot so if my clothes are not rinsed WELL , I will & have had previously a soap burn, worse than a sunburn. At least the Fisher Paykel have a recirculating pump these do not.


Any one has any input it would be welcome.   What do you think? what is your personal experience? Does any Tech. out there own one?  These  machines are a joke, noisy, clothes come out twisted.  Damn do I miss the old direct drive!


And remember!  when you drink ...drive fast & take chances!  (my version of "break a leg")



KitchenAid Refrigerator Dispencer

29 April 2013 - 10:05 AM

Went to a K.A. refrigerator sxs no ice dispensing.  Motor looked rusted leakage from  Shaft tested read bad, well that did not solve problem.  You know every time you think you have it & get cocky , Bam you trip.

Seems the push paddle was not working also, & some how it was not showing good on microfilm so I took it with me.

Special order, blah blah , Tim "The Counter Parts Man" said hey lets take it apart, Duhh why did I not think of that?

Well sure enough it was full of black grease or melted rubber? dont know , but after I cleaned it with keyboard cleaner it works good. To be Installed Wednesday.


1.1 well pictures did not up load , any one know how? will try again tonight, got to go pay some bills






you can still see some smudges in the inside view

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