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Brooke Falconer

Member Since 14 Feb 2012
Offline Last Active May 05 2014 02:55 PM

Topics I've Started

Ge laundy center/space saver-dryer too hot

17 March 2013 - 04:45 PM

Hey guys, I have a ge space saver, the dryer is getting too hot. I am thinking thermal limiter BUT schematic is not there. Which 'thermostat' controls the temp? There are the 2 on the top right and one on the the lower right. Which one do I change? Thanks in advance.
Ps you'd all better be drinking beer today, green or not..........

Crystal Mountain Water Cooler GLE C2WTW1Overload relay

16 November 2012 - 07:16 PM

Was wondering if anyone had any advice on the overload and relay for the compressor on a water cooler. My local parts distributor doens't stock parts for this brand and cannot reccomend a 'generic' compressor relay and overload for this tucomseh compressor. Anyone have any part numbers for me that will work??
Thanks Guys! :thumbsup:

Amana AKGD3060SS spark module location?

25 September 2012 - 10:25 PM

Good Evening Gentlemen (and the too few and far between Women)

I am working on a Amana 4 burner gas cooktop. The left rear and right front burners are not igniting and after switching around the spark ignitors I have deduced that it requires a new spark module (insert comment if you disagree with my diagnosis here :teehee: ) However I am a little unsure of how to get to the spark module. There is a small access plate under the unit (towards the front of the counter) but it doesn't look big enough to get to the spark module if it is even in there. Does anyone have any experience on where the thing is and how to get to it?
Any help is appreciated,

#14 on this diagram

This is the cooktop

Maytag dishwasher-not washing, now leaking.....? MDB5600AWS

24 June 2012 - 11:09 PM

Maytag MDB5600AWS
Went to a friends house to 'help out' (which always leads to disaster it seems) because dishwasher was making bad noises and not washing. I run it and hear an bad motor noise-like the motor was trying to run but not moving, I start to take things apart to see if something is jamming the motor shaft. There was pistachio pits, toothpicks, a shrimp shell, and a pop can tab in there!! So once I remove those things, motor shaft seems to be turning-so we put it all together (after about three tries because of the chatty chat that was going on I kept having to put together and take apart due to carelessness! arrggg, I hate working at friends houses!)
So I run a rinse and now I can hear the motor, it sounds better, but I hear no water slooshing around. I open the door and jimmy the door switch and sure enough-there is no water pressure through the spray arms, and now I see a slow leak coming down around the motor!! (seriously did I just screw a screw through the plastic while my friend was telling me about the crazy party on Fri night????GASP!!!)
So I think for a minute.....take everything apart again and realize that this plastic piece that screws onto the motor shaft, that sits right against a rubber seal is not screwed on tight, but is stripped. At least I think it should screw on, but this one just pops on and off. The chopper blade sits right on top of this plastic piece for point of reference, then the filter flow plate goes over it then the water impeller (disk thing) screws into the top of the plastic piece.
So my question is this-can I just buy this plastic piece, or do I need an entire motor assembly and where? why? did it leak after this happened? Does this plastic piece NEED to be screwed on tight to prevent leaking?
On this diagram, it looks like it comes as one piece, but off to the side there is the number 16-and this is what the piece looks like, but in the description it says that is for the drain pump, NOT the motor???
Little help appreciated!!! Thanks Guys!

GB9SHDXPQ02-whirlpool Btm Mount, not defrosting.

07 June 2012 - 02:58 PM

Hello Gang, I have a Whirlpool Btm Mount GB9SHDXPQ02 with a defrost problem. I tried to run it through test program but not sure if it was successful. It seems all the thermistors are in good shape or received a 'pass'. Heater ohm'ed out at 32-so that is good. When I got to the thermostat test it read 1 in the left or "freezer' side and 5 on the "fridge' side. Of course when looking through the tech sheet this part of the sheet was ripped apart....I am pretty sure that is indicative of a shorted thermostat and therefor would require replacement, but am not 100% sure of the tech sheet. Any thoughts?

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