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Member Since 22 Feb 2012
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Topics I've Started

GE WBVH6240FWW washer door lock issues

29 March 2015 - 10:48 AM

Our other techs have been running this because laundry isn't my specialty. I'm hoping you guys have some idea of what's going on. Basically, this washer thinks the door is locked all the time. The main control board and door switch has been replaced twice. Apparently, it works for about 2 loads, and then it does the same thing where it seems to just sit and try to unlock when you try to do a load of clothes. The door opens even though the display says the it's locked. I think they even rigged it to use the manual tab manually open and close the door switch contacts inside the switch and the tub will spin. It was programmed per the instructions and for that model. They also ohmed out the wire harness from the board to the door switch. I was there on the first trip to install the parts to help unstack the dryer. I did download the service manual so we can look over that on Monday.

240v outlet tester

14 February 2015 - 09:16 PM


It appears Fred's Appliance has made a set of these like the Whirlpool testers.

LG range LRE30451ST/01 Blank Display

02 February 2015 - 06:11 PM

Okay, this is just a stove I was fixing up in the shop. I found a bad transformer so I figured out why I don't have the display. Primary winding was open.

I just had a peculiar scenario happen and I wanted to run it by you guys. I installed the transformer today and the display was still blank. Now I didn't realize my 120v wires were kind of wrapped around one corner of the transformer. When I tried to move them the transformer made a noise and before I could unplug the range a resistor blew. I moved the wires back to the top where they were originally and plugged it back and now I have a display again. Of course my main board is shot because a resistor melted in half. I guess my thoughts are that somehow those wires laying up against the transformer changed the voltage coming out of the transformer and therefore blew the resistor. Any thoughts or experience on this issue? I just found it odd because it's not like any of the wiring was exposed, but I was thinking it messed with the magnetic field.


29 January 2015 - 08:07 PM


I'm in the market for a new steamer. I've owned Haan and the Mcclough like Samurai uses. The Haan did ok but takes a bit to warm and the button finally broke. The Mcclough still works but the button is touchy is works when it feels like it. I was considering trying the one I linked above because I like that grip style as opposed to the kettle style like the Haan. I see most of you in other posts are using the Shark SC630. How long have they been holding up? It's hard to go by reviews because we are using them for purposes other than what reviewers typically are. That being said the Sharks reviews are 3 out of 5, which isn't so hot, but none of the handheld steamers have good reviews. Thanks.

FGHB2844LE5 Frigidaire French Door Refrigerator

09 January 2015 - 07:21 PM

This was a call I ran last Saturday and completed today. The customer had pulled his fridge out, unplugged it, and cleaned behind it on Friday. It wouldn't come back on, so I went out that Saturday to check it out. Display was reading 32 and 32. It had no interior lights or anything running at all. The customer did say the interior lights hadn't been working for awhile. I checked all connections and nothing. On Monday, I had a fellow technician call Frigidaire tech support, and they didn't know what the problem is and figured it may be a board issue. Well, I figured that much. Anyway, I went out today, replaced the main board, and it all fired right up. I just thought I'd share since I couldn't find this issue on any forums and even techline was stumped.

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