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#227123 Hey Boys! BunnyRooRoo's back:Kenmore 417.44072300 Washer death

Posted by bunnyrooroo on 16 March 2012 - 01:19 PM

well----made myself do it.

Just looked difficult. The left one isn't obstructed, like the one on the right is. It was tough to get out. Luckily the right one was much less resistant. And yes there was some wear I couldn't see until it was all the way out.

Great news! Been doing laundry catching up. She's back to her old self.

Have not done the boot yet, lazy me wanted to be sure board was only problem (and vibration damper) So used some electrical tape.So far it's held up through 11 loads!! I put a leak detector inside the machine, so any future leaks will not go unnoticed. I will do the boot soon, just have to get past recent Fibromyalgia flare-up. I'll need to find (I keep too much stuff) or buy copper tubing to fabricate needed clip removal "tool".

Question: the water pump. When I ran the washer the first time, the front access panel was open. The water pump seems louder than I recall. Do
they get noisy before failing?

my husband is way happy too
already bragging & telling everyone about this fabulous empire you've all made.

#226738 Hey Boys! BunnyRooRoo's back:Kenmore 417.44072300 Washer death

Posted by bunnyrooroo on 11 March 2012 - 11:15 PM

Yep that's why (&how I convinced DH we needed year membership) the apprenticeship. So I can get help & advice on vac.

Vac's going to be real easy I'm sure, .Gotta do washer first though.

Plus, now that the laundary machines are both pulled out I'm going to my bi-annual dryer maintenance. I like to take off the back panel & vac out all the lint, ream my screen chute & sheet metal exaust pipe (DIY myself, of course) Why, You ask so fatidious? Because I saw a neighbor's house catch on fire because of lint. I NEVER leave the dryer on while away from home. Love the invention someone here
made. It should be hard wired to all dryers. As well as smooth wall pipe! Why do they even sell flex pipe? Or make one version out of flimsey vinyl?
OK Rant over-----

bye for now,

Posting-vac story to Kitchen appliances.

#226685 Hey Boys! BunnyRooRoo's back:Kenmore 417.44072300 Washer death

Posted by bunnyrooroo on 11 March 2012 - 02:33 PM

Thank you!

Looks like the right info.

By the way I did order all 3 items from Fix It Now--

I did check Sears because the needed shock was not in stock at Fixit Now, nor was there any factory arrival dates, as I'd seen on your other parts.
Searspartsdirect charges $89.99 for the control board-I paid $78.38 with you guys (another thank you!).

Next thing to finish fixing---Sears Progressive vac--fun

#225110 Kenmore 417.4407300 9/03 front-loader just dead-unresponsive

Posted by bunnyrooroo on 25 February 2012 - 10:40 AM

Appears fried-little scorched mark...
We had a momentary outage, barely noticeable, several days ago. Had to reset wireless router. Didn't think it was anything significant because none of the TV & DVD players needed clocks reset. DUH--- they are on a surge protectors....

Lesson learned ---I want a whole house surge protector!!! Just didn't realize that our modern day everything contains circuitry sensitive enough to suffer death. DO NOW!!!
Question now is....will any thing else have been damaged? You mentioned peripheral damages on someone else panel fried post.

Oh- also, couldn't tell where those two points are, J11-8.1&J118.3, to measure across. Or does the pic say enough?

Thank you

ps- two "tech sheets" were attached to the inside of the washer-one contained the schematic you sent! Sorry I didn't look first. Now I get why you use the term "grasshoppah"
Love the site-excellent, fun times.

Don't mind paying for a six pack or two.......well earned!

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