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In Topic: JennAir dishwasher JDB1090AWS poor washing

09 March 2012 - 09:40 PM


No way around it without some way to remove the disolved Cal/Mag, other than a conventional softener.

Been looking at some of the alternative systems, and a bunch appear to be plain old scams.

Possibly a new thread topic?

In Topic: Whirlpool GHW 9150PW0 Manual request.

09 March 2012 - 09:14 PM

Thank ya Kindly dear sir!!

In Topic: JennAir dishwasher JDB1090AWS poor washing

09 March 2012 - 02:13 AM

Looks like you might have some Iron in your water - pretty nast stuff, have you had an any testing done to see what you're dealing with ? Your appliances could be plagued by such occurrences if there's something funky there.


Yep, there's Iron in the water, but it's not real high.
I test our wells including the house well, at least annually, and calcium/Lime are the big culprits.

The wife dosn't want a softener system, I wont argue with her on account of not wanting to deal with the septic tank issues myself.
We run a Big blue with a 1 Micron filter post pressure tank and they usually last 5-6 months and come out lightly tinged yellow from Iron.

Doing some digging around, and asking questions about the grit in the pressure balancing single control shower valves, led to learning about the issue with the
tankless water heaters causing the precipitate to collect downstream.

At one point several years back, we had the regional Rinnai Rep here troubleshooting our unit, and he found the grit in the shower heads obstructing flow and causing thermal shutdown of the heater, causing wild temp fluctuations. The fix was pre-EPA shower heads to maintain the flow rate.
I didn't think about it then. Come to find out, all the tankless water heaters will do it, even with a softener upstream, as they wont remove ALL minerals from the water, all they do is lessen it. It's an issue around here locally with our water table and geology due to the lake. The old coot at the plumbing supply south of here clued me in on simply adding a filter post water heater to catch the grit.

I never thought about the dishwasher having the problem untill this thing choked.
Now I'm thinking I gotta tear into the Clothes washer before it chokes. Darn thing hasn't even burped, and it easily gets as much use as the dish washer.

Thanks again for the assist!
Second batch of dishes came out spotless.

In Topic: JennAir dishwasher JDB1090AWS poor washing

08 March 2012 - 05:28 PM

does your house plumbing have Galvanized Water Pipes and Copper Water Pipes ?
If so, there should be a "dielectric union" where they join. :whistling:

Nope. When I built the house I ran all Pex. No electrolytic wierdness possible.

The water IS hard pre-filter. Much less so post filter.
Where things get stupid is the Tankless heater flash heating the water to a point where the suspended elements precipitate out as solids.

On the cold side, there is little to no scale, like on the Fridge water system.

Thanks for the Tech manual!
It took me a while to figure out that the Seal kit was already installed by the service tech when he was here, and why the manual drawings conflicted with the Kit. LOL!!

This has been a less than traumatic tinkering, while outside my comfort zone.
Worked out good with your guys help. I didn't even have to use a hammer!

:thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

In Topic: JennAir dishwasher JDB1090AWS poor washing

08 March 2012 - 05:16 PM

Yeah, I see ya edited muh post title..made it all perfeshinal and shtuff. Dadgum Farmers!...;)

Yep! Two years of filtered hard water run through a tankless water heater without a post heater filter to catch the precipitate.
Getting the same thing in our shower heads, and you should see what it does in the flash heater on a pressure washer.

Got a high temp Pentek filter coming to take care of that.

On the phosphates...yep. Makes a guy wanna throttle random Hippies when you see the scale show up on the dishes.
There's a cure for the removal of the TSP from the detergent. Put it back..;)

I slapped a new valve in..sort of. It's kind of dangling on account of that stupid little screw escaping.
I gotta go down to the Barn and root around to find another one.

Thanks for the help!!

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