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Member Since 05 Mar 2012
Offline Last Active Feb 27 2015 03:36 PM

Topics I've Started

G.E. Profile Microwave JVM1870SKO3 Weirdness.

20 February 2015 - 02:02 PM

Wife got done heating something up, closed door and got a flash.


Interior Lightbulb went out, obviously, but now the fan runs with the door closed and wont shut off.


Everything else works just fine. Control pad still works, still heats up water, everything.

The stupid internal fan just wont shut off.


Then there's the issue with getting at the bulb.

The G.E. owners manual shows getting access through the vent grill, and ours is completely different than described and illustrated in the owners manual. Ours has the auto flap that opens up when the thing is cooking, and not the countertop model shown by G.E.


Is there some sort of wizzardry going on, where the internal fan was wired through the dadgum lightbulb, or door switch?


Anyone got an idea where to find an illustration on getting access to the light, on the auto flap jobbies?



Thanks for any and all input.

This thing is making no sense at all.

Gotta pick out a Water softener.

28 March 2012 - 01:18 AM

I was encouraged to install a Softener over in the Kitchen appliance page, to deal with the calcium in our well water.

I hate doing it, but it makes sense to save the appliances. I'll just have to run more plumbing for drinking and cooking water, and deal with the septic tank issues as they arise.

That leaves the issue of which manufacturer.

I have three options locally.

Culligan 15 miles away.
Menards and thier "Waterboss" brand 18 miles away.
Nearest sears is 40 miles away.

Then there's ordering off the web.

Any reccomendations based on cost, reliability, salt consumption, parts availability, etc.?


Whirlpool GHW 9150PW0 Manual request.

09 March 2012 - 04:39 PM

Looks like it's time to tear into the washer and do some preventative water inlet valve and flow meter Inspection and Maint.

If somebody has a manual it would be appreciated.


Jenn air JDB1090AWS Dishwasher manual request.

07 March 2012 - 03:01 PM

Got the parts here in 1 day and ain't gotta clue what the dickens I'm doing. LOL!!!

If somebody has a service manual to share I would darn sure appreciate it!


JennAir dishwasher JDB1090AWS poor washing

06 March 2012 - 02:09 AM

Hello! first post here, and trying to maintain the Vibe of the joint with my own angst.

Got a Jen Aire dishwasher and installed the thing in the house when we built it in 07'.
The thing worked, and cleaned dishes, like one would expect after dropping that much coin on a dishwasher that dosn't make sammidges or do the laundry.

Fall of 2010, the thing went on strike like a Union cashier in a whorehouse. All of a sudden and when everyone would be screwed.
Two days before Thanksgiving and the Herd was coming to our place.
Repair tech showed up, aired out his buttcrack, stunk up our bathroom, and announced parts were needed. Pump, water inlet valve.
Warranty covered it.
Two months later, after numerous calls wondering WTF was going on, the tech showed back up and replaced the parts.
Apparently having Whirlpools world headquarters just 18 miles down the road, dosn't help parts availability when they have to kick start the blind chineese kid every time one is needed.

Fast forward to two weeks ago the stupid thing is leaving gorp on the dishes, and obviously suffering some sort of issue.
Call to Whirlpool results in switching to a different detergent and looking for older detergent with the TSP in it.
Ran a couple bottles of the dishwasher cleaner through untill the thing looked good with no gunk or scale anywhere.
Nope. That ain't it, and I notice the water in the tub is sitting 3/4" below the heating element on initial fill.

Check the hot water inlet line for obstructions at the connection/valve, and there's some lime scale, but not bad. There is lime and calcium in the water and no way around it, even with filters.

At the same time, we are having issues with grit getting precipitated out of the filtered water on the exit side of our Tankless water heater. Dadgum Hippie friendly showerheads, control valves and faucet screens getting choked with the grit now and then.

So a lightbulb went off. Need a post water heater filter, to catch the precipitate for a long term cure, and possibly an inlet valve for the stupid dishwasher.

What else am I missing/overlooking in my Grasshopperness?
I Farm for a living, and have a mechanical background, but appliances are new to me, and I am assuming I am overlooking something downstream of the water inlet valve that might also influence the water level. Is the water inlet valve on a timer, or sensor?
Any way to adjust the water level on this thing or is it just safe to assume it's the water inlet valve?

I applied for an apprenticeship and am waiting to hear back, so I can access tech manuals and such, as we also have a dreaded Samsung refrigerator that needs an exorcism as soon as I get done with the uppity dishwasher.
In the meantime, any insight would be appreciated.


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