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Member Since 24 Apr 2012
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Topics I've Started

Kenmore 106.52552100 SxS fridge. Works, ice flow in bottom of freezer

06 July 2012 - 04:29 PM

I have a Kenmore SxS that works great. Stays at correct temp in both fridge and freezer...........but, every now and then there will be a flow of water on the floor (may 10-20 ounces) and the newest trick is that there is an ice sheet that has formed on the bottom of the freezer. Thaw the glacier, remove, button it back up, and within days, it's back. Again, all works so its more the annoyance factor than anything else. As you can see from the attached picture, this is thick,solid ice not the fluffy evap ice coating.

What and where should I start checking? Is there a flow chart? Any tips would help. Again, works great, just quite annoying and eventually interferes with getting the freezer door totally closed.


Frigidaire PLD4555RFC0 Dishwasher won't drain

24 May 2012 - 01:14 PM

I have the above dishwasher that seems to have decided it no longer wants to drain. No new disposal or any of that, just quit draining. Noticed a "growling" sound a few loads prior to the failure, but not everytime or consistent. How can I tell if the drain pump simply failed, or if it is something far more sinister.........i.e. problem in the control board or logic components? Is there something to test before just shotgunning the drain pump? Also, can this removal and replacement be accomplished from the inside, or do I need to pull the machine and turn it upside down?


GE PFS22SISBSS Refrig / beer box 74F - Freezer 16F

26 April 2012 - 01:11 PM

]I have scanned hither and yon, but cannot find in enlightenment..........

As the title states, the upstairs is warm and the bottom freezer is as expected. I went through the diagnostic flowchart, I get to the block that asks if there is fuzzy ice on the evaporator coils. I'm assuming yes, but have attached a picture that shows exactly what I am seeing. When I click on the block marked "Troubleshoot defrost system failure", it doesn't lead me to anything very specific. It appears there is a thermodisc (fuse-M),


mounted to the coil, a thermostat, bi-metal,

WR50X10044, and a temperature sensor,WR55X10025, in the freezer compartment. What is my next step to troubleshoot. Do I need to get all the ice out and then start the troubleshooting? What is my next step. Clearly, something here is not working correctly.

I got this refrigerator from a friend. The story goes that a repairman changed out the muthaboard, changed a second time a very short time later, then my friend bought his own muthaboard as it was now out of warranty. Within 30 days of the 2nd board, it failed again, but my friend who is financially sound just hauled off and bought another, with the intent of using it as a garage box. He never got to install the new board before the wifey said she didn't want it to clutter up the garage. When I got it, it was plugged in, freezer working and the frig hot. Moved to my house, changed board before I ever plugged it in with a brand new, sealed from GE board. The picture shows the results of my efforts. Ideas?

Condenser fan and evaporator fan work. Should the evap fan be on all the time, even with the freezer door open? If it's running all the time, shouldn't I feel air flow in the beer box? Or, does a faulty temp sensor or something else prevent the dampner from opening?


[attachment=6543:freezer ice.jpg

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