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In Topic: Kenmore Elite Oasis HE (OL) error code

07 May 2012 - 01:31 PM

Final update folks, I got it fixed! I tried all sorts of stuff to get the basket out of the washer. I used WD40, penetrating oil, CLR and finally tried something I found online to remove corrosion... WHITE VINEGAR. Within five minutes of pouring the vinegar on the part it loosened up and popped right off. What I thought was a spanner nut, was in fact a plastic bushing down the center of the basket. It looked like a spanner nut because of the dark color of the plastic and the way it was shaped.

After I got the basket out, I cleaned, scraped and sanded down the shaft. I also scrubbed out the center of the basket once I realized it was plastic. I tested the fit several times and made sure the basket would float freely. I put it everything back together after cleaning the crap out of everything with Simple Green.

We've tested it several times with loads of various sizes. It works just fine. You can't imagine how happy the little lady was when she heard the machine agitate that first night. I told her I'd put it on my annual list of spring projects to clean that shaft once a year, so we don't have this happen again. It might have taken five years to build up to that point, but 30 minutes of work is enough to stop it from happening again.

Thanks to all of you who offered help and suggestions. Paw-Paw your suggestion started this whole thing, so I know I owe you a beer. As soon as I figure out how to do that, I'll make it happen.

Thanks again everyone... Anyone I know who has trouble with any appliance I'll pass them on to Appliantology!

In Topic: Kenmore Elite Oasis HE (OL) error code

03 May 2012 - 08:49 AM

Here's a new update from this morning. I tried doing what the Samurai suggested to no avail. I've pulled on this thing with all my might and the only thing I'm doing it lifting the machine off the ground. The basket will not come up more than half way up the shaft. I looked at this thread:
to see if I could find out what I'm doing wrong, and I've followed the steps exactly as they are laid out but still the basket will not come out. I decided to do some checking on YouTube to see if there is any information that might be getting overlooked. I think I found something... the "bushing" I keep referring to, looks a lot like a spanner nut referenced in one video. It has four slots cut into it, and rests between the shaft and the basket. It doesn't appear to be over the basket, but rather in between the basket and the shaft.

Could this be what's stopping me from pulling out the basket? I'm a little confused because the link above and none of the other schematics I've found make reference to a spanner nut. Am I crazy, or does this just seem to be way more difficult than it should be?

In Topic: Kenmore Elite Oasis HE (OL) error code

02 May 2012 - 03:11 PM

Thank you for the response Samurai Appliance Repair Man -

I have removed the hub and the shaft spline from the basket. The only thing showing is the shaft in the top right picture where you have crusty written. There appears to be a metal bushing of sorts on the inside of the basket. I have sprayed pentrating oil on it hoping that will help loosen the crusty area. As soon as I removed the hub and spline I noticed a lot of black debris around the shaft. I used a soft metal bruch to clean off the shaft as far as I could. When I finally get the basket off I intend on cleaning the shaft off. I found a couple of posts where people recommended sanding the shaft down. Should I do this? Also, when I finally figure out what's wrong and repair it, should I put some sort of grease or lubricant between the shaft and basket?

Thanks again for the help!

In Topic: Kenmore Elite Oasis HE (OL) error code

02 May 2012 - 01:34 PM

Here's another little update. Last night I sprayed some penetrating oil on the shaft where the basket slides onto, and let it sit over night. I read through the post on the main page of this forum about removing the tub and followed the instructions where it suggested using a little water to get the basket to float. Before work I managed to get the basket to lift up about half way, but no further. Am I doing something wrong? I'm lifting the machine up off the ground and that basket just won't pop free. Could this be my problem?

I managed to get the basket to sit about half way up the shaft. I filled the "cup" this created, between the shaft and the basket bushing, with some penetrating oil and am letting it sit while I'm at work. I'm hoping the penatrating oil will find it's way down the bushing and help loosen what seems to be corrosion.

Any suggestions on how to pop this basket free would be wonderful. I've tried rocking the basket back and forth and rotating it, but nothing gets it to move above half way up the shaft.

In Topic: Kenmore Elite Oasis HE (OL) error code

01 May 2012 - 08:46 PM

Paw Paw -
Thanks for the response. It took a couple of days to get to it, but I have managed to almost get the tub out. For some reason I can not get the basket out. I've downloaded the manual and followed the process, but have not been able to get it loose. Maybe that's my problem? I have the top lifted, the tub cover off, and the agitator is out. I removed the hub and hub cover so only the shaft is exposed, but that basket will not budge! I put some penetrating oil on it, so see if that will help. Will let it set overnight and try tomorrow.

DelawareDrew -
Thanks for your response as well. The basket rotates, but does not slide up and down (as evidenced from my response to Paw Paw). There was a lot of black debris around the shaft. Don't know if that's graphite used as a lubricant or something else. Haven't cleaned it off the shaft, but can with a wire brush.

I did check out the control board we purchased. The label is a yellow-green color. The part number is W10112113A. There isn't an Rev# that I saw. There was a date code of 6340-JH on it if that helps. We kept the original board that was in the machine. I checked the part numbers and they matched.

I have not checked the underside of the machine where the rotor is. I wanted to work through Paw Paw's suggestion first, before moving on to your recommendations.

If this information helps to diagnose the problem please let me know. This little bugger is starting to get frustrating!

Thanks again,

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