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Member Since 12 Sep 2006
Offline Last Active Apr 02 2012 06:21 PM

#218729 Maytag Neptune 5500 series Washer - dead? Worth repairing?

Posted by washertech26 on 28 December 2011 - 07:49 PM

If the machine has power coming too it and power at the control board it more then likely is the control board.. Have there been an electrical storm recently or a power surge? I looked the part up its about 213.00.. Look at the control board open the console and smell sometimes you it will have a burnt smell that what I do when I suspect a board and the machine is dead

#218707 Maytag Washer PAVT444AWW: clothes still wringing wet after spin.

Posted by washertech26 on 28 December 2011 - 05:19 PM

On a Maytag its called a thrust bearing kit.. First thing I would check if something it stuck in the tub top... The tub top is the the white part around the top of the washer tub You see it when you open the lid.. Look for the space between the tub and the basket.... This is the thrust bearing kit it comes with decent instructed and you have to replace everything in a specific over


#218585 Kenmore HE model 110.44921301 tub disassembly

Posted by washertech26 on 27 December 2011 - 04:51 PM

Forget about it machine is not worth repair... It is a two man 2.5 hour job for tech you double that plus the parts.. If it was a Maytag Neptune you can replace the spider without removing the tub its much easier but this one the tub must be removed from the cabinet.. It is a very messy job and would have to be done outside or in a garage... Personally I do not recommend you doing it ... Or this will be you > :wallbash:

#218583 Kenmore 90 Series Washer M/N 110.22922100 won't spin without 'help'

Posted by washertech26 on 27 December 2011 - 04:45 PM

Sounds like the clutch is warn out and it is slipping more then it should... Its not a hard just you have to drop the transmission out of the bottom the clutch is on top of it... Me its a 20 minute job but I have done hundreds of them...

#218582 maytag washer MAV8551AWW will not spin

Posted by washertech26 on 27 December 2011 - 04:40 PM

Could be belt when transmission goes it wont agitate and makes clucking noise in agitate ... If it doesnt spin then may something in the tub top causing not to spin or the trust bearing going bad

#218531 GE WSM2700DAWWW Combo Washer/Dryer: water flow and temperature problems

Posted by washertech26 on 26 December 2011 - 09:49 PM

I bet the hot water filter is clogged from the (I cant remember what its name was that is one the hot water heater) it is a white muck. What is happening your machine starts filling the Automatic temperature control wants to warm the wash but it is opeing the hot valve (the hum) but water is not entering...Or maybe the hot faucet not completely turned on or hose kinked.... Check those things and tell us what you have found..

PS before putting the hot hose back on blow it out into the sink in case crap is still in it

#218530 Maytag clothes washer MAV6457AWW fills progressively in spin

Posted by washertech26 on 26 December 2011 - 09:41 PM

Just reaching I would check for pin hoses in the pressure hose or a problem with the pressure switch... Another test I do is turn the water on and off seeing how fast the fill valves close... You sometimes catch them sticking and not closing right away... Just my thoughts..

#218529 maytag washer MAV8551AWW will not spin

Posted by washertech26 on 26 December 2011 - 09:34 PM

If full of water and wont drain tub wont spin very fast at all... I believe sock it stuck on the hose from the tub to the tub.....Feel that hose if there is something in there you will feel it.. Depending on how much water is tub you can lean it against the wall where the water level is lower then the tubs hose remove the hose and check if there is anything... Make a video of it and post on youtube so that we can see that is the easiest way for us to diagnose most problems..

#218524 Maytag Neptune MAH6700AWW LEAKING

Posted by washertech26 on 26 December 2011 - 09:03 PM

Looking at the front of the machine at about 11 oclock pull the boot a little you will see it sticking out if not you will see rubber against the tub where the dispenser fill enters... It there is something there there it is obvious. I have long "roach clips" pull them out.... Thats what I call them :P

#218263 New timer, or new washer? (Amana LW8303W2)

Posted by washertech26 on 22 December 2011 - 08:13 PM

15 years is a good run for a washer so I would vote for replacement being upstairs that eliminates many washers because of vibration...

#218262 Kenmore series 90 model 110.28912790 top load washer - won't spin, just hums

Posted by washertech26 on 22 December 2011 - 08:08 PM

When you put the cabinet back together did you reconnect wiring harness to the lid switch?

#218175 Frigidaire LC-248J Not Spinning, Belt Worn, Need Directions on Replacement

Posted by washertech26 on 21 December 2011 - 08:23 PM

God its been years since I seen one of those god awful things to work on

#217990 Maytag LDG7800 Motor squeal - bad bearings?

Posted by washertech26 on 19 December 2011 - 08:26 PM

Make a video post on youtube link here we can diagnose 95% just from hearing what noise it makes

#217989 Kenmore 110.29852991 Misbehaving - Not Spinning - HELP

Posted by washertech26 on 19 December 2011 - 08:24 PM

Does it agitate and not spin?
Does it to neither?
If it spins but not agitate reach under the agitator if you can barely get your fingers under it thats ok but if there is lots of room then needs agitator and basket drive...
Need more information

#217800 Doesn't pump or spin for final spin cycle - Frigidaire Gallery Stackable...

Posted by washertech26 on 17 December 2011 - 10:47 PM

Make sure you get all the coins out of the pin trap.. The black hose connected to the pump

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