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In Topic: Fridigaire Front Loader neither agitates nor spins

29 August 2012 - 09:17 PM

Time for an update! Well, I took your advice and sent away for the remanufactured SCU. It arrived in about 3 days, so I went to replace it. Now the washer has a dryer on top of it, and both are in a closet with about 4-6 inches clearance all around, so I did want to pull them out. So I went in thru the bottom front panel often going by touch only - not much space (I am used to that from working on small cars!). Well I finally got the old one out and the new one in (I compare this to laprascopic surgery - you know where they pull your liver out thru a tiny hole in your belly button). Put things back in place and started her up. SUCCESS! It ran four loads.

But HEARTACHE! The motor quit in the middle of a cycle. Hmmm. I got out the old meter and was touching the brush on the motor to see if it had voltage when the motor suddenly started. I then watch the motor and there were a lot of yellow sparks coming from where the brush touches the commutator. Bad - blue sparks are okay, yellow are bad (indicates something melting). Tried to clean the commutator, and it did run for a few more loads, but then died completely. Oh, well. Back to the internet - ordered a motor ($104 with shipping).

4 days later it arrived. Back under the machine. That motor is heavy - especially at the ends of my arm, the brackets are a PITA, and of course no room to work - more use of nut drive by feel. Finally, got the old one out and new one in. But wait! Now I have to get the belt back on. Finally realize, I do not have the leverage in that tiny space to stretch it. Thinking darn, I am going to have to pull the washer - even tho I have spend hours working not to. Then go a bright idea - maybe I can lift the dryer up and get to the pulley from the top.

Got my son and two scissor jacks from our two cars, and some 2 x 4s and 4 x 4s. Was able to jack the driver up 2 feet - steady it with a 4 x 4 crib and stick my body in between. WIth my son holding the belt on the motor spindle and I stretching over the pulley, we got it done! Hurray. [see the photo in attachment] Now jacked it all down (had to go under the house to reconnect the dryer vent), and put things back in place and started her up, yet again. SUCCESS! Have now run many loads and it is humming along (until the next part breaks, no doubt!).

Lesson learned: persistence and good advice! Plus a willingness to lie on the floor in all sorts of wierd positions. BUt you say get a new one. HOWEVER, the cheapest stackables are about $2000 and 6" too big for the closest (is everything in America oversized now????). I don't need 7 cu ft!

Thanks for the site - my donation was well spent. I expect I will be back here within a few years.Attached File  Washer.jpg   65.02KB   11 downloads

In Topic: Fridigaire Front Loader neither agitates nor spins

09 August 2012 - 11:03 PM

Ah ha! Persistence pays. I triple checked the set up and the instructions. It appears you have to have the pull out knob at the start of the Heavy Wash cycle (not just the wash cycle - or perhaps I was off the mark a bit). WHen I did that I got all the way thru the trouble shooting steps to the conclusion that ..... replace the SCU! So professional opinion: I found a remanufacturer (Core Centric Solutions) that will trade boards for $118; or RepairClinic brand new for $331. I figure at age 14 that washer may be living on borrowed time (tho the motor seems healthy) and not sure the extra years on a new board may be worth it. What do you say?

Also, while I have it opened up (it does not look like I can replace the SCU board from the bottom front), should I splurge on that door lock replacement kit (new lock, harness and counterweight)?

Thanks for you patience and inspiration!

In Topic: Fridigaire Front Loader neither agitates nor spins

09 August 2012 - 03:48 PM

Samuri, actually I am at that known configuration. My most recent tests were done with the orignal door lock and no changes to any wiring harnesses. I got to step 4 of the motor movement troubleshooting steps. That is where I had issues - I could not see 120 V ac across pins 2 and 4, BUT the motor protector showed continuity. The steps do not say what to do in that case.

Perhaps the best approach now is to order that SCU and replace it to see if that is the trouble. I do want to make sure that that SCU will work in this really old model (circu 1998) with the old door latch. I did look at that upgrade kit you showed - it is NLA on RepairClinic, but I can find it new on some other sites at about $80-90. I was hesitant about getting that item since it would require me to pull the washer which is a bear since it has a dryer on top, and is in a closet with about 4 inches to spare around it.

So your advice would be to get the SCU and try it with old door lock (which seems to be working okay now)? THen maybe get that upgraded door lock and harness later?


In Topic: Fridigaire Front Loader neither agitates nor spins

08 August 2012 - 11:16 AM

Finally got time to do the motor troubleshooting. Not easy as the unit is stacked under a drying in the closet so no access to top or back. Have to do everything from the bottom front. Not easy to pull those plugs on the SCU (have to do it by feel - no visuals). Anyway, got to step 4. My meter reads "0", and the step says to check the motor thermal cutout, which I did and it shows continuity. In fact, disconnected the motor plug and tested all the pins as in the diagram - all readings normal. Used the voltmeter to test the "upstream" side of the cut out (pin 8) and it shows NO AC voltage. Troubleshooting step does not say what do in that case!

Checked a bunch of other items. Timer motor is working, Door latch solenoid is energized. I can hear the Water valves are energized (and as I noted earlier, the tub does fill). So I conclude that AC power is getting all the way to pin 1 of the Water Level Pressure switch. Also, it seems AC power is getting to pins 7, 7A of timer switch since the timer motor works. BUt it appears it may not be getting past pin 3 to the motor cut out. Does this seem reasonable? If so, where should I look next? Where exactly is the water level switch?

Thank you

In Topic: Fridigaire Front Loader neither agitates nor spins

06 August 2012 - 07:28 PM

Yes. It was fully functional prior to the door latch issue.

Also, I might add that there is no concept of a diagnostic on this old pre microcontroller dinasaur.

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