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In Topic: LG DLGx2651 Gas Steam Dryer burner cycling problems

07 December 2013 - 03:42 PM

A big thank you to John63 and Scottthewolf -- for your advice on the Whirlpools.

As I confirmed directly with Whirlpool the specs on their blower motor is 230 CFM (far more than any booster fans I looked at -- even though none would work for me in my situation).


Today we confirmed through the 1st load of clothes -- the dryer works and works well.

An average sized load dryed in approximately 38 minutes!!!


What a difference between this Whirlpool and the LG (which would only fire for 3 seconds before shutting off).  I suspect their blower motors are equally as weak as the Samsung (125 CFM) but LG refused to provide this information to me.


What I will say is that the LG is all about flash & dash -- it definitely looks a bit sexier than the Duets, mounts much nicer/more securely with their stacking kit (the Whirlpools only have a mount bracket in the rear and they use a crummy rubber strip which mounts on the outer edges of the washer -- and which is used to set the dryer and presumably prevent metal-on-metal movement/contact.  But not nearly as secure or as nice looking as the LG.


However, none of that matters when the LG simply doesn't work.

So please, take John's and Scott's advice if you have a long dryer vent run -- do yourself a favor and get the Whirlpools because they DO WORK!


Many thanks guys!

In Topic: LG DLGx2651 Gas Steam Dryer burner cycling problems

05 December 2013 - 02:44 PM

I'd like to post a quick follow up -- the Whirpools were delivered and installed today.  Hope to run a load of clothes tonight/tomorrow to know for sure -- but I can say this -- the Whirlpool dryer operates totally UNLIKE the LG.


Upon install and start-up, the burner lit up and stayed lit for well over 45 seconds.  To refresh readers, the LG lit up for 3 seconds and turned off.  I really think this is due to the blower motor in the Whirlpool being much more powerful, it IS able to move the air much better.  After letting the dryer run for 5 minutes, when I opened the door to the dryer, you could feel the heat.  This behavior is just like my dryer at home (which is located right next to the exterior wall and has about a 2 ft run max).  Plenty of heat which would dry the clothes.


I'm very hopeful that when we put a load of laundry in -- the clothes will dry in a reasonable amount of time -- and not be left wet as was the case with the non-heating, overly sensitive and ineffective at moving air LG dryer.  Maybe something to be said about being designed and built in the USA?!

In Topic: LG DLGx2651 Gas Steam Dryer burner cycling problems

27 November 2013 - 07:50 PM

Well, let me say that I will proudly support Americans making products --

Am thinking the best "value" for us is this pair:


Washer:  Whirlpool Duet WFW86HEBWH

Gas Dryer: Whirlpool Duet WGD86HEBWH


The pair is just under $1,500.


This pair does have the steam option but the difference between this pair and the lowest pair is less than $100 (w/o steam option).  Seems sort of silly to not get the feature for this small amount of money just in case we do find it works and is valuable in freshening up clothes.


If there are any comments about this particular set, would welcome comments.  And any other comments on the original message are welcome as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

In Topic: LG DLGx2651 Gas Steam Dryer burner cycling problems

27 November 2013 - 05:34 PM

Natural Gas, so no conversion at all. 

In Topic: LG DLGx2651 Gas Steam Dryer burner cycling problems

27 November 2013 - 10:47 AM

I wanted to share this add'l info -- and thank John and Scott for their thoughtful replies to my query.  It is now no surprise why you both have recommended Whirlpool's Duet gas dryer as maybe my best bet.


I was able to call Whirlpool and get their blower motor specification -- they are rated at 230 CFM!


As a side note -- I contacted LG (and I own the LG at the moment -- but soon to be returned) -- and they refused to provide me with this information.  That, to me, is enough to get rid of this imported junk and put my dollars into a US based company.  To own their product and be refused information that I believe is important makes me an unhappy customer.


I highly suspect the LG is rated somewhere near the same as the Samsung (very similar design from what I can tell) -- and is probably in the 125-130 CFM blower range.  That is likely why John has said the LG's simply don't work well if the vent run is over 8 ft.  I will be calling my appliance store and setting up a return/exchange of the LG's for the Whirlpools pretty quickly.

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