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LG DLGx2651 Gas Steam Dryer burner cycling problems

26 November 2013 - 05:31 PM

Calling the most experienced to this problem -- I need some advice ASAP.

1st LG (same model) did not heat at all -- my appliance place replaced it with another new DLGX2651, which heated, but not enough to dry clothes in any reasonable length of time (over 2 hrs).


Here's the situation -- and please -- I know SOLID PIPE is what SHOULD be used.  However, this stacked LG pair is in a utility room of a 3 story, late 1800's brick builiding.  The rehabber, back in early 90's put the utility room in the INTERIOR -- meaning there's about a 20-25 ft run from the utility room to the exterior wall vent.  They used the aluminum foil type hose (4") all the way from the dryer to the vent outside.  Yes, I know that now this is not code and it should be replaced.  Problem is, ceilings and walls will have to be ripped apart and repaired. 


So before installing dryer, I had a company come and spend 2+ hrs running one of those high pressure air blasters (with a metal ball and jets that direct the lint back outside) through the vent -- both from outside as well as inside.  Tons of lint came out -- I think in 20+ yrs it was never cleaned.  At the end, the guy used his compressed air hose and checked to make sure the line was clear (or so we think/thought).


So -- on to the dryer issue.  2nd one, burner would cycle on -- and stay on for 3 seconds, then shut off.

The tech today then disconnected the vent pipe to outside and ran again - dryer stayed on for about 45 seconds, then shut. 

The volume of air when disconnected coming out of about 4 ft of flex line was not all that strong (IMO) but air was hot.

Tech told me the thermister was shutting off the burner because the vent was clogged or restricted and was heating up too fast and shutting off.


He pulled the dryer out and ran connected (flex line now straightened out) -- burner ran for 7 seconds and shut. 


Tech claims that the LG is NOT the problem -- however, I think the LG doesn't have a powerful enough blower -- not moving enough CFM.


The only thing we can fit in this utility room is a STACKED PAIR.  I know GE makes a "long vent" dryer but that won't work.


I came across the ELECTROLUX EIMGD60WH -- which states it has a 22,000 BTU burner (most I've found) and a 200 CFM blower.

I originally looked into a dryer vent booster fan but they recommend not installing near the dryer which is the only place I could put one.  But those boosters were all anywhere from 130 to 160 CFM. 


Does anyone know if the ELECTROLUX specs are real?  Would seem that a dryer capable of putting out that much air would solve my problem without having to tear up ceilings and walls.  Does anyone know what CFM the LG is rated?  I cannot find that anywhere.


Does the LG operation sound normal?  On for only 40 seconds in an ideal setting (no restriction), then shutting off?


Hope some of you very experienced guys can help me out.


If I have to replace vent line -- any suggestions there?  I've got a 20-25 ft run and wonder if there is a way to do this with least amount of ripping up?


Many thanks -- and Happy Thanksgiving -- hope you guys can help me out!

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