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Member Since 22 Sep 2006
Offline Last Active Sep 23 2014 07:16 PM

Topics I've Started

Thermador RDFS30Q - Need to Swap Buttons to New Control

23 September 2014 - 06:09 PM

Hey Guys,


Need some help here, got the old RDFS 30 apart to install a rebuilt oven controller.  No sweat right?  Well, how to I remove the buttons to swap over to the rebuilt unit?  Can't be that hard, but don't want to break them for all the obvious reasons.





Got it, a straight gentle pull and they pop off.  Hope all is well from here.  I'll keep you posted.

Thermador RDFS30 Oven Control

20 July 2014 - 09:44 AM



My appliances have been good, but the old Thermador is acting up. 


The RDFS 30 S/N is 96 100089.


I'm thinking the over controller has gone out on me.


When setting oven to bake, the broil element heats up.


Setting the controller to broil heats the broil element.


Setting it to convect only heats the broil element.  The bake element was replaced about 4 years back.


Have not used clean in a long time as I read it burns up controllers, etc.


This is the original controller.




Thanks, Mike

GE Over the Range Microwave (JVM1840DWW)

10 January 2014 - 10:34 PM



I've been searching around and can't find much on this one.  My over the range microwave surface light bulb burned out a few weeks back.  No big deal, over to Lowes, a new 40 watt bulb and 4 bucks later, done.  That bulb lasted about a month.  


OK, maybe it wasn't quite the right bulb, over to the appliance parts place and they have a GE brand bulb for 15 beans and an aftermarket one for 7 beans, these guys are generally good, so I take the 7 buck one and off I  go (as I know the GE one is junk anyhow).  The guy warned that there could be a problem with this unit.  Well that bulb lasted 4 days.


Anyone seen this before?  Microwave makes microwaves, and fan works on both speeds, sure is annoying with no light.


As always, any tips are appreciated.





Thermador RDFS30Q XLO Burners Don't Light (S/N 96100089)

08 July 2013 - 11:43 AM

OK, another issue with my now old Thermador (15+ yrs).  Out of the blue neither of the extra low (sequenced) burners will light.  In this case neither burner's solenoid clicks when turning gas knob to start or any other position.  Seems like no power is getting to both solenoids.  The 2 simple burners work fine as does the oven.  I'm at work, so can't check until tonight at the earliest. 


Seems odd that both switches at the gas valves would fail simulaneously and one of the solenoids was replaced about a year back (found you can buy just the electric portion and replace).  Guessing the simmer controller fried itself or maybe a ground issue or maybe who knows? 


Anyone seen this before with these Thermador units?


Although the extra low simmer thing on these units is great, over the years I've found it a bit problematic with the erratic spark module.


As always, thanks in advance.



Thermador RDFS30Q Oven Issues (S/N 96100089)

02 June 2013 - 02:58 PM

Wife reported that when setting oven to bake, broil came on and crisped up her cake to charcoal.  I cannot get oven to duplicate this, thinking she inadvertantly hit some buttons (which are on the front) while cooking.  Will monitor.


However, I have noticed the oven heats up slowly.  If set to 350 F, it will get to 300 F, then take it's time approaching, but never getting to 350 F (I admit my thermometer is junk, but it read reliably in the past).  Same scenario to other temperatures.  Anyway, if set to bake, element heats up (red), temp comes up to 300 F and element clicks off, then element will come on again for the crawl to near 350 F.  Does this make sense? 


I checked the oven sensor resistance.  Service manula says it should be 1075 - 1110 ohms, I get 1100 ohms on the money, checked several times today. 


The oven controller has long since faded in terms of reading temperature, so I'm due to replace.  Not sure how this thing works, does it control temperature ramp up?


Finally, I think this bad boy has a high temperature cut out switch, manual does not address how to check, any thoughts on this?


Any help, from the guru's, as always, is appreciated.



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