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Member Since 25 Sep 2012
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In Topic: How to Defeat ALL PC Computer Cooties

04 October 2012 - 04:13 PM

The best: Malwarebytes.com

Free. Removes viruses, trojans, anything and everything. If you want to purchase it so you can have it resident on your computer, it is very, very reasonable. I paid $24.95. I think it is up to $30 now. That is a one-time fee. Not per year. And it includes updates for free.

If you buy and install it, it is constantly surveiling your system. And you can set it up to do full scans on a regular basis. Plus, and what I really like about this company, is they have an online forum and people are constantly posting info about any new malwares that are out there.

I am operating now on Windows 7 64 bit. Prior to this on Windows Vista 32 bit (ugh). Three different times on Vista I got some damn thing that would high-jack and capture my Internet Explorer browser. MacAfee wanted $89 to remotely "take care of it" - that was in addition to the MacAfee program that came with the system and had already failed to prevent the browser highjack.

A friend copied malwarebytes onto a disc and ran it on my machine. It removed it. After the third time it happened, I purchased the program and have not had any problem since.

And whatever that browser highjacker was, it sure was going around, as I learned by reading the formums on the malwarebytes website.

And no, I do not work for them.

In Topic: Am I nuts to replace a smooth-top fancy pants range with an old school coil one?

04 October 2012 - 03:28 PM

Two years ago my 35 year old Roper standing pilot gas range developed a problem that the oven would not light. I had a repair man out and he cleaned something out under there. It worked okay for a few months, then started doing it again. I found I could get down onto floor and using a long wooden kitchen spoon tap onto that valve thingy and it would light.

Well, I got tired of that and decided to buy a new gas range. All I wanted was a 30" four burner gas range. It was hard to find a simple one, but I finally did find one by Maytag. It has the electronic ignitions, gray cast iron burner covers and a removable gray cast iron grill type of thing that fits into the center space between the burners. When the removable grill is in the center it makes it look more "high tech" or whatever, but I actually don't like it and have it put away into the lower drawer along with my cookie sheets.

I do like that the broiler is inside the oven unit on this one, not underneath like the old one. And I like the storage drawer where the broiler was on the old one. Not that I broil much. Who does nowadays, I wonder?

Point being: Sometimes it is difficult to find "simple" out there. And there sure is not a lot of choice in simple. But I do like this one and that oven heats up really quickly.

In Topic: Little dead black fruit flies in freezer compartment

04 October 2012 - 03:02 PM

Thanks. I read some tips on dealing with these critters, which seem to be causing lots of folks around here (Pittsburgh, PA) problems right now.

Here is what has worked for me: Pour about an inch of sweet wine or apple juice into a glass. Add three squirts of dish wash detergent to the wine. Sit the glass near area where you see the most of the fleas. They are attracted to the smell of the wine/juice and get down in there and somehow the detergent must smother them or something.

This has worked REALLY well. Within 24 hours I've noticed none at all in livingroom, where they would bother me during reading or TV watching. Plus no more in that freezer compartment either!

Now if only we could find such an easy solution for these awful "Stink Bugs" (Asian brown marmolated beetle or something like that) which have invaded the entire Western Pennsylvania area once again this Fall.

In Topic: Defrost problem - water freezing in freezer bottom, leaking to the outside

04 October 2012 - 02:51 PM

You also can add a tablespoon of salt to your hot water when doing this.

In Topic: Lid switch on top loading washer

04 October 2012 - 02:40 PM

Thank you for your replies and also for the safety cautions. I was aware of them and had watched the video about the girl. On the adult woman who opened the lid and stuck her arm down into the spinning tub - what can I say? It is for these people the safety switches are installed, that's for sure.

As an aside, this old(er) lady started her "laundry career" using a (pre-owned) single bowl wringer washer. Then graduated to a (pre-owned) double bowl Dexter and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Everything was hung on clotheslines, either outdoors when weather permitted or inside in the basement. The big danger in those days was fingers and/or arms going through the mechanical wringers as you fed the clothes through.

I promise that I will not put my arm down into the spinning tub. And I will go ahead and order a new switch. BUT, I still have the pieces that fell off the existing operating switch, so could probably superglue them onto the switch and may well try this prior to purchasing a new one.

Now, will somebody please answer the questions I posed?

Thanks a lot.

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