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Member Since 05 Apr 2005
Offline Last Active Feb 17 2015 07:04 AM

Topics I've Started

Bottom Freezer Problem

09 February 2015 - 07:59 PM

Hello friends, long time no see.

I came home to an issue with my Maytag bottom freezer refrigerator Ive had about 5 years. Model number is MFF2558VEW2  Serial K02264517

The bottom of the freezer had about 1/8 inch of ice frozen to the bottom like it has been dripping water down there and then freezing over.

I dont know the source of the water but there is an icemaker in there. It has been making ICE regular and cubes seem to be average size.

Tonite when my daughter brought it to my attention I was able to simply pop out most the sheet of ice at the bottom by hand and removed the rest easily with a spatula.

Then I noticed what looked like water pooling in the vent area at the rear about 6 inches above the freezer floor. I dont know if this is condensate that cant drain off, or leaking

water from the icemaker water valve perhaps? I chipped the ice away from that area but it appears to still be pooling or maybe it was thawing and dripping down.  At the center of that vent

area it appears to have an indented area that may be an area where a drain may be located? Maybe it is frozen over and cant drain out of the freezer?


Here are a few pics. Hoping for some advice. I am thinking of removing everything and thawing out what ever is behind there to see if it will drain out naturally. Maybe Im way off base.





Jenn Air Gas Range Control Board

05 February 2013 - 05:41 PM

This is just a general question, sort of an ounce of prevention kind of theorum I came up with. I purchased a Jenn Air free standing gas range a couple years ago. I was doing some perusing upon the internet and noticed quite a few complaints of failed control boards on these and Maytag clones or similar clones. It occured to me that a large percentage of these failures came after the owner used the self cleaning oven.


Is it possible that the self cleaning oven gets so hot that it fries the control board? Just a curious thought because I have avoided using my self cleaning oven since owning it and havent experienced the dreaded dead board... yet.

Maytag Neptune MDG7500AWW Dryer Control Board

31 January 2013 - 06:35 PM

Hello, I dont come here to bug you too often but I have a quick question regards to a "new" control board I purchased off Ebay (Yeah I know :( )  I purchased this board from Ebay and when recieved I could see the chicken scratches on the pins on the relays where you could see it had been at least installed. I got it for about 60 percent off the cheap price on the net so I could have forgiven that if they just installed it and it didnt fix the problem with the machine they were trying to fix and put it back in the box, but I installed it into my machine to see if it was used and put it into service mode and I saw the cycle count was 211. So it was used for a short time it appears, though 211 loads would not have been a long time, but why was it removed after this amount of time. So I check for codes set in memory and it says Code 6  Non-Vol.mem.err  


That sounds pretty serious if it is a permanent error but I wanted to get your opinion. Should I send it back and get my money back or try to clear the codes and run it through a cycle in my machine? I cant find a copy of the 27 inch dryer repair manual for the Maytag Neptune MDG7500AWW anymore in the stash so I dont even know what that code represents.




Extended Warranty Choices

31 July 2010 - 07:38 AM

I am a master Ford technician and have been a member of this forum for years and can service a lot of stuff on my own. However I am also a consumer and look out for my personal interests warranty wise when possible. I just purchased a Jenn Air gas range, one with the fancy schmancy control panel but not uber expensive model. JGR8775RDW free standing. My greatest concern maintenance wise is the high cost of the control board and touch pad which together could run near 400 or more for the pair. They are however both covered for 5 years, which is one reason I purchased Jenn Air over Maytag plus a nicer control panel. Now we all know Maytag owns Jenn Air and Whirlpool owns them all.

 I have been offered an extended warranty from a company named Expert Protection out of Texas. It is a 5 year warranty for 130.00. Well that is quite inexpensive but also leaves me suspect on the quality of service. On the other hand it is cheap enough that if I never needed it no big deal.

I also have other options I can purchase out on my own. One I have seriously considered is Maytag themselves. I have purchased from them before and never used them. I know in prior years Maytag was a pretty good extended warranty primarily because they have parts and they have trained technicians on their products. I dont know how they rate now that Whirlpool owns them. You read so many people wailing on websites you dont know the whiners who would belly ache over anything from the really screwed over owners.

The price difference between Maytags website quote and this aftermarket company is only 40.00 and Maytag covers one year less. My only gripe about Maytag is when the renewal time comes they are like half the price of a new appliance to keep it another 3 years. I usually take over care after that.

My question is to the appliance repair techs out there. No sense complaining which brand I bought, that is already done. Is it a pretty safe bet that the control board will fail and my money is wisely spent (have friends who have replaced thiers on another brand 4 times in 5 years) or should I just save the bread and apply it to the labor later?

That of course only works if it only fails once. Should I go with the aftermarket for 5 years or Maytag for better service for 4?

What would you do?

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