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Topics I've Started

Whirlpool double oven w microwave - woc95ec0as01 - not enough power , what then?

15 January 2015 - 04:51 PM

So here is my dilemma. I have Whirlpool wall oven /microwave unit that is new and cannot be returned, and am moving into a new house. The unit requires 40 amp 220V with an 8 gauge cord. The existing outlets are 30 amp 220V with 10 gauge and 20 amp 120V with 12 gauge. 


So far my ideas are in the order of current preferences: 

(1) draw a new 8 gauge line from the panel to the location of the oven. This would require opening up dry-walls and drilling holes. There are about 25 feet of three walls that would be impacted and we would have to drill holes in studs for about 15 ft. 

(2) sell the unit (again it's new, but not returnable) and buy 2 separate ones that matches the power of the two existing outlets, which would mean they would not be integrated and instead of two ovens I would be down to one oven and one microwave. I rarely use two ovens (like once every second year), but I like that it has an integrated control. Any recommendations for a matching set with similar features in case I go down that route?

(3) It looks like the baking, broiling and convection units are the only ones using 220V. The diagram shows 220V (l2 on diagrams) and 120V (l1 on diagrams). Do I read that right? IF (and I do not know that) the only situation that it actually draws 40 amp is when both ovens run at the same time. Is there a way to disable the smaller oven in the microwave / oven unit and only run 30 amps (we could hook it up and measure it).


Or other suggestions I had not thought about?




Dishwasher - GE Triton DW GSD5940 - not cleaning properly

12 December 2012 - 01:48 PM

I read through the service manualhttp://appliantology...gsd5900-series/  and still have a troubleshooting question. The dishwasher is not cleaning properly.


Any advice? Did I miss it in the manual?

GE Model # WSXH208V1WW Serial # VV404653W

23 November 2012 - 10:06 PM

References: (1) the generic Electrolux service manual online. The topis of motor not running is on page 50. (2) Tech Sheet in the washer. - Pub. 31-15405. One difference is that the generic manual mentions a 10 and 6 pins on the speed control board, while the washer has a 9 and 4 pins, as pointed out in this troubleshooting: http://appliantology...r-wsxh208v1ww/. Based on the feedback for that posting I used the tech sheet for troubleshooting. And I'm assuming that the both pin plugs are reversed compared to the graphics in the sheet and the comment by Steve in the referenced post (as there is no connector for "pin 3 of the nine pin plug" if you read them from top down as suggested in the sheet).

Initially the motor would agitate, but not spin. A local technician suggested I replaced the pump, which I did. Though after that the engine did not turn. The timer does move. The door locks and the water runs, when starting a cycle. The pump also pumps the water out.

In the tech sheet the 6 points is for troubleshooting, when the motor will not run. So that fits well.

Step 3 there is 120 volt between pins 2 and 4 in the 4 pin plug. "If the meter reads 120 VAC go to step 4."
Step 4. The voltage drop between pin 6 of the nine pin plug and pin 4 of the four pin plug is 120 VAC. "If the meter reads 120 VAC go to step 5."
Step 5. The reading between pin 3 of the nine pin plug and pin 4 of the four pin plug is 120 VAC.
Step 6. There is no resistance between pins 1 and 3 of the four pin plug. (The resistance bewtween pin 2 and 4 of the four pin plug is 17.4 ohms.)

Please advice on next steps and how to get the right troubleshooting advice for this specific washer.


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