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Member Since 01 Dec 2012
Offline Last Active Jul 21 2013 05:34 PM

#246275 Kenmore Elite 796.29272000 UE error.

Posted by Alcamo on 14 January 2013 - 05:07 PM

A followup, as promised.  Today is almost a month, and all is still well, machine works as well as it ever has.


“All good things arrive unto them that wait - and don't die in the meantime” as Mark Twain was reported to have said.

#244356 Kenmore Elite 796.29272000 UE error.

Posted by Alcamo on 17 December 2012 - 02:15 PM

The problem has abated, don't know if it will return. 


I am a Teutonic automotive tech by trade, and like that intermittent no start that only happens when the car is anywhere but the shop, or worse, that defective brand new OEM module which doesn't self diagnose, I couldn't admit defeat on this one.  My manhood was at stake, and I didn't want to deal with holiday family chatter which would inevitably come around to "Mr. Trusted with $100k German cars gets stumped by a washing machine" banter.


I can't say for sure, but this is my interpretation of what was going on.  I started thinking about the comments (thanks, everyone who assisted) and cause/effect.  Going back to the beginning and retracing all the steps, everything that was and wasn't done, and the aftermath.  First repair was the splutch, which was broken in two,  machine was repeating the cycle which caused the sputch to fail, machine would run forever, cycle would not end, NO error codes, the thing would go back to a random part of the cycle and do it all again. 


New PCB board and timing board ordered and installed, there was a change, instead of going to random cycle it would give a code, UE, and keep trying.  Bad board, what are the chances, go back to basics, to change the splutch what was molested?  Let's treat the UE as a REAL error code (even though the basket looked solid as a rock when spinning), changed hall sender, no change.  Hmmm


What could cause this, took the washer apart, checked everything, cleaned a little bit of lint here an there, put it back together, same thing, UE error.  Flywheel, rotor, damn thing is heavy.  Checked it, and the manual, there is no index mark on this, it can be installed any which way.  Is this such a perfectly made part that it's perfectly balanced no matter what,  my automotive experience tells me a big no, there is no Santa Claus.


I take the rotor off, and mark it's position on the splines.  Put it back by advancing it 3 spline teeth.   Put the machine through it's paces, UE error, but it occurs a 2 minutes BEFORE it was occuring on the last run.  Pull the rotor off again, and set it back in the other direction by 6 splines (retarding it 3 from where it was.   Run machine, aha, the machine goes an extra 4 minutes before the dreaded UE error pops up.  Pop the rotor off again and move it two splines at a time....do this 2 more times, and I'll be damned if the machine didn't make it all the way to the ellusive end of the cycle!  I did it twice, and it went to the end of cycle, TWICE, of goody goody, happy days.  The greater the agony of the trip, the greater the euphoria at the end of the trail. 


It's been 3 days now, the wife has put 7 or 8 loads through the machine, and it's still functioning as it should.  Is it fixed, I don't know, will it happen again, I don't know, was it a slightly off center rotor, I don't know, did I accidently "fix" a yet unknown fault by accident during all this, I don't know. 


All I know is that the damn thing is working again, and I am grateful for all the insight and help offered here to get to this point.  If it makes it to the New Year in this condtion, the test period will be over and I'll call it a success after that. 

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