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Samsung WF328AAW - Turning in one direction only

06 December 2012 - 10:54 PM

Hello everyone, first post here.


Having some issue with my June 2009 purchased Samsung WF328AAW/XAA-01 Washer.

Somehow enjoying the debugging, but much less the $$ spent trying fixing it.

Here is the gist:

- Stopped working in the middle of a wash, completely dead, no light or action on control panel, door locked.
- Open washer and checked that 120V power was getting to the main board OK.
- Removed main board assy and inspected, found burned diode and resistors around the primary side of the
transformer for the +15 and +5V.
- Ordered new replacement board from Sears, through technician during a chat session - last time I am doing
that, just want to sell you something, anything...
- Received part reference DC92-00240A - no difference on the outside with my original board.
- Installed board into washer, came back up with working control panel display
- Tried to run a cycle and got error code 3E - meaning Over-current is detected.
- Checked for the coil resistance on the brushless stator - confirmed 11.5 Ohm reading between each of the
3 motor wires.
- Entered the Quick Test Mode and ran a motor test - the motor runs in one direction but not in the other - error 
code 3E showing up.
- Checked the Hall sensors voltage reading and confirmed they are both OK, going between ground and 3.75V 
when rotating motor by hand.
- Used a scope on the sensors and confirmed nice 60ms  square wave on both hall sensors when motor is turing 
(in one direction only).
- If the coils and hall sensors are OK, seems like the motor is not the issue.

I am a bit at a loss right now, thinking that the Main board received from Sears is not the right one.
- maybe a wrong or different firwmware, display says 9708 when running the S/W check mode.
My motor has the hall sensors attached to the stator, not removeable (same as part DC31-00049A) which, according 
to John63 earlier post on this forum (thanks for great help and education BTW) is the first generation.  The magnets 
have a rounded shape.

Is it possible that the replacement main board that I received from Sears is designed to work with the new 
motor (DC96-01218D) and has issue with the old motor because the magnet poles are not at the expected location?  
Getting the new motor is not an option as other posts mentioned that the shaft diameter of the new motor is different.

I plan to return the board back to Sears and get my money back.
Where is a good place to get a board compatible with my old generation motor - exact reference appreciated if anybody knows.

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