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#245847 Water heater working...but not...

Posted by itbedave on 08 January 2013 - 04:08 PM

One of those times I just want to smack myself in the head and say.... DUH!!!!  ;)


You know - that makes complete sense! We've had some random issues with the shower either being too hot or too cold - hard time adjusting it to something in between. Don't know WHY I didn't think about it being a problem at the shower? Guess I've just been fearing the worst trying to get a little more life out of the water heater!


I had a similar instance of your hot water toilet at my mom's place - also the cartridge.


Thanks for the help! I'll let you know later tonight if that did the trick for sure.   :D





Getting a new wife and kid is also not a bad idea... 

#245830 Brown / Black water from the hot water tap

Posted by itbedave on 08 January 2013 - 12:15 PM

I know you're already fixing the problem (I think) - but curious if you have and checked the thermal expansion tank on it? I bring that up because I found that the air bladder inside mine failed last summer, which left if full of black/brown gunk. However, it sounds like you have more volume than that would produce. Something to check anyway if you have one.

#195761 Thank you Samurai Appliance Repair Man!

Posted by itbedave on 17 May 2011 - 09:57 PM

Though I've already thanked him personally, I also wanted to PUBLICLY thank the Samurai for assisting me in resuscitating my fridge and saving me the cost of a new or at least an expensive service call.

The fridge is not quite 8 years old - Frigidaire side by side - and the compressor has been slowly making the louder buzz-click over the past month. Sometime on Sunday afternoon, it started doing it more often - and my wife noticed water on the floor in front of it, which turned out to be due to the ice defrosting in the ice tray and subsequently leaking down through the in-door ice dispenser. So, my first reaction was to get on these forums and search for similar symptoms - which I found very quickly. Signs pointed to the compressor, but suggestions were that it could be the run capacitor and/or the start relay - both of which were within my realm of repair and relatively inexpensive compared to the price of replacing a compressor or whole fridge.

As luck would have it, the Samurai was online for live chat that evening while I was on here, and gave me some tips (like how to discharge the run capacitor) and links to where to order the parts - which I did. Those parts arrived today - and he asked me to let him know when I got them and what I found after replacing them.

Replacement itself wasn't that bad. Had to cut the wires on the old start relay to connect the new harness that was included with the new relay. THAT wasn't the hardest part. The hardest part was getting the dame wire clip-thingy (that kind of holds the whole shebang onto the side of the compressor) back around the whole thing with very tight clearance to get your hands or fingers in while getting a flashlight to point in just the right place! THAT about killed me! LOL. But I beat it!

Anyway - after getting it all back together - I plugged it in, only to be greeted by a now LOUDER buzz-click. I immediately came back to these forums and left the Samurai a message as to my most recent steps. He responded via email within a matter of minutes, and suggested I make sure I got it all back together correctly and should test the resistance on the compressor pins - for which I needed some further instruction. Luckily, he was on live chat again by then, and I was able to determine that I was at least getting resistance - so my compressor windings didn't appear to be fried at least. Next step was to put it back together again and make certain I had done it right.

So I did - re-seating the start relay and double-checking it was seated very well. My old run capacitor wasn't damaged, so this time, I decided to use it instead of the old one. In addition, he had earlier suggested I knock the compressor with a couple whacks of the hammer to try to free it up just in case - so this time I got my rubber mallet and gave it a good whack. Then, since I was already on my knees, I said a little prayer for good measure, and plugged it in.

Can I scientifically point to which of those things made it work? No. But it IS working now - just as it should - and I know for CERTAIN that were it not for the kindness and effort of the Appliance Samurai and the willingness of others in this forum to share your experiences and knowledge - I would have had to spend a lot more time and money to fix or replace my fridge, neither of which I had to spend.

So thank you, thank you, thank you again! Beer's on me!

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