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In Topic: using bosch Quickfinder on Ipad?

31 January 2015 - 07:25 AM

The only way Ive been able to get to work is using Puffin web browser which has some mojo that simulates flash I guess it all magic to me

In Topic: Emergency! Emergency!

31 January 2015 - 07:22 AM

My Emergency advise for customers, if I talk to them on phone.


If its leaking turn off the water if it's smoking call 911.  We don't work on heart, lung machines.  Call me after 8am and we will get to you as promptly as we can


This is why I don't answer the phone myself anymore for years.


We do not do Emergency service.  We make every attempt to help people out whenever possible, but for all the reasons listed above we do not do it period.


Normal people (whatever that is) usually get it after explained to them, and realize their unrealistic expectation.  The rest just keep dialing the phone until they find a tech so desperate for work theyll take anything.  Then they both get what they deserve. 


As in everything you say today all is IMHO

In Topic: Frigidaire dryer FSE48GFS0 thermal fuse

31 December 2014 - 12:04 PM

not sure on this particular model, but some blower wheel are installed with a "D"shaft and can get rounded out and not turn at motor speed.  Usually you will hear a growling sound on start up and or shut down if that is the case.


Check drum seals front and back to make  sure they are still in tact.  If you have a meter you can check temperatures with see if unit is overheating typically will run 170-180 at exhaust with out duct attached.  If temps are excessive with duct detached would suggest replacing operating thermosat.


Also with electric unit make sure it's not heating when off, element can short to cabinet.  I wold think you would notice poor performance if that was the case.

In Topic: Kitchenaid KESI901 Oven Control Function

31 December 2014 - 07:46 AM

I have had several units like this run me through the mill.


Without being present  I would say sounds like everything is working and your regeneration times are off.  As the others have said.  Test all of you elements verify that they are all withing specs.


If all elements test properly, and you have proper voltage to the unit.  Check your sensor, if issue persist I would change the sensor even if it test appropriately.  It is rare, but have seen oven sensor "slide" as they call it where as it heats up the values go out of spec.


If voltage, elements check good and you have replaced sensor then the "appliance manager" or relay board would be your next stop.


I spent 3 hours babysitting one these units watching it.  Initial preheat was proper, but then regeneration cycles would get longer and longer.  In two cases of these the manufacture replaced the units as they were only 18 months old.  They only replaced the unit after we replaced "appliance manager" relay board twice with same result.


Sounds like you have already done some good investigation.  Pull out the techsheet and test out all the elements and move forward.


Happy hunting

In Topic: Thermador Pro grand Steam PRD48JDS

28 December 2014 - 09:27 AM

I have not run into this specific beast myself (thankfully) but have seen one at a training and similar models.


Communication errors are one of the most difficult things to troubleshoot.  With that said, you stated the issue presents itself when set over 400 degrees.  This would lead me to suspect a thermal (heat) issue first.  Thermadore's have been know on their wall ovens to run into thermal issues when on  for long periods of time or high temps.  It is believed that high heat migrating into control panel causes the connections from harness to boards soften causing poor connections intermittently


Does the door close tightly and gasket in good condition?  Techline always wants us to replace door springs and gaskets as any early step, but often they are fine.  Is the cooling fan running?  If your fan wasn't running the unit should be giving an error, and should not be getting no heat.'


Do you have any error codes ie sensor issue etc..


The reason I'm answering my own questions is that I have had similar issues (not with this specific model) these are the questions and suggestions the manufacture routinely gives us.


The main PCB on these professional ranges do cause issues sometimes, but given the type of failure you are reporting I am suspect of the display board.


If I were you I'd call the 800# which is the Thermadore Technical service line if it's the # Samurai gave, or may be their customer servie # see if they will speak to you.  They probably will not as there 1st question is asking for your pay code for Authorized service companies.  They will likely give you another number for a local Authorized service company.  Bosch/Thermadore does have their own factory technicians in some areas.  If they are in your area that would be the way to go as opposed to an independent authorized company.  Unfortunately an issue like this on this unit may come down to some replacement diagnostics (in other words replacing parts until it works) which is why I hate unnecessary electronics that just make the unit more expensive and fancy!  If you use an independent company and the unit is out of manufacture warranty they cannot get reimbursed for parts unnecessarily replaced.  I know Samurai would suggest using a part provider which allows unconditional returns which you can do.


If you go with an actual Bosch/Thermadore factory technician if he/she (who say's I'm not evolved) has to start swapping parts to find the problem it won't be on your dime.


If you feel like spinning the roulette wheel then if it was me after checking all harness connections I would put a little money on the display board as long as door is closing tight and gasket is in good condition. " No Guarantee or Warranty implied" on free advise


Good luck to you just be patient be systematic in your approach 123,abc etc.. look for patterns sounds like you have a good start with the high temp if that is the only time you see issue.

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