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Radio Loco

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In Topic: Fisher Paykel DD603 solenoid clicking and soft beeping

Yesterday, 11:08 PM

"The dispenser solenoids read 60.4 ohms on each."

Out of spec. 70 plus/minus 5 ohms.

"Fair diagnosis, getting to the board when everything is running is... challenging."

Recommend 2-3 foot long test leads with alligator clips.

Suggest you make certain that no wiring harnesses are pinched when everything was reassembled.

9.9.7 Wiring Cover: To reassemble first ensure that the wiring harnesses, drain hose and fill hose are clipped into their correct position.

See post #1. Good luck. Cheers.

In Topic: Fisher Paykel DD603 solenoid clicking and soft beeping

20 December 2014 - 02:08 AM

Here are some suggestions:

As brother J5 advised above, disconnect the dispenser plugs and observe what happens. Check for 24VDC and 70 + or - 5 ohms per coil. Start here. This is where the problem is centralized.

You could run the dishwasher to the fault, then run the hardware diagnostics test. Then follow manual.

Check the dryer fan operation. With power removed, does the fan blade wobble excessively (bearings)? Check for 3.4k ohms. Could this be the noise source?

As far as the isolator badge is concerned, can you swap those between drawers, by themselves? Read it out with your meter? My reasoning would be, as we say in America, it's FM. Gremlins. It's in the loop. :) . I looked on my parts websites and I could not see any specifics on these. And the manual does not descibe very well either.

"There was one point where I had foolishly left it plugged in while I had the wiring loom/hose cover off and it gave me a good belt when I got too near the motor. I thought nothing of it but I guess that could have shorted to something (but what?) causing damage."

The "what" might well be the power filter board. The common denominator here is, since the fault has now followed from the top to bottom, I would assume that some sort of load fault arises between the power filter and the drawer-specific electronic controller, 10-15 minutes into cycle. Whether the top lid connector or bottom lid connector is used, this board is the common link. I would read the output voltage while everything is running fine, and monitor your meter when the dishwasher goes into its fault. A steady and consistent 240VAC and then ???, when it fails?

In other words, time to bust out the meter (if you already haven't) and start troubleshooting each individual component. Most specs are in the first couple pages of the full service manual. Read out the wire harnesses and simulate vibration. Double check all your work so far.

Please let us know what you find.

In Topic: Fisher Paykel DD603 solenoid clicking and soft beeping

19 December 2014 - 12:53 PM

Then this indicates that the integrated badge isolator (now in bottom position) is defective.


Did you run the diagnostics tests as stated above? Did you get the service manual?

In Topic: Fisher Paykel DD603 solenoid clicking and soft beeping

18 December 2014 - 07:27 PM

"I hope you're looking for a challenge"

BTW, I'm always looking for a challenge, although, one must now be very careful on which of those challenges he or she chooses.

Dang, that sounds all Samurai-ish, don't it? ;)

In Topic: Fisher Paykel DD603 solenoid clicking and soft beeping

18 December 2014 - 06:46 PM

Also, did you run the hardware output diagnostics test? Since you have the integrated (badge) controllers, you will have to check the binary encoding readback and translate using the chart in the service manual? Do you have the manual? Search the downloads section at the top of the homepage here or request it in the service manuals request section.

Running these tests first is the best approach.

You can also run a single 5 minute test cycle or a continuous cycle test (good for intermittent issues). These will test the lid motors, fill valve, wash motor, element, and drain motor. The other components (all actually) can be checked for voltage and resistance with a DVOM.

Also, can you provide the full part number of the power filter board you installed please? And any voltage/current specs (non-US) that may have come with the part. And what is the voltage reading at the power outlet that feeds the unit?

Can you pinpoint that the clicking/ beeping noise is centralized at the electronic controller only, or possibly at different components situated close together?

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