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WED5540SQ0 - Whirlpoor Dryer has trouble with thermal fuses...

24 March 2013 - 12:12 PM

Hey, I'm a new guy here.


I have a dryer/washer pair I recently purchased from a couple that had gotten married and 'consolidated' their worldly belongings.  These units are lightly-used and no more than five years old.


I eagerly connected my new dryer but did not check the exhaust hose - and so did not catch the ball of fuzz wrapped around part of a bird's nest.  Shortly thereafter, my dryer ran but had no heat.


Well, I took off the back and had a look with a VOM.  The heating element thermal cutoff was the only unit with an open circuit, so I called the local shop and picked up a kit.  I rewired everything, put it all back together and pushed the start button.


The new heating element thermal cutoff exploded!  The house went dark.


It seems, in my arrogance, I had not considered actually looking at the wiring diagram that came with the new parts, and had neglected to connect the actual heater to the rest of the parts.


Well, that was a fifty-dollar lesson in humility.


SO... with that in mind, I bought another kit, connected it properly, installed a new exhaust hose and made sure the outside exhaust flap was wide open.  Started the dryer, no problems.  The 10W light bulb was burned out, so I replaced it with one of those LED lights.


I ran a load of clothes, they dried fine.  However, this morning the boy came to me and asked how to run  the dryer.  It would not start. The interior light was fine so I knew it was getting power.  I disconnected everything, then got the VOM going again.  The new temperature fuse and sensors were fine, it was now the thermal cutoff switch that was open.  Yeah, the long skinny white one.


It's a Sunday and I doubt I will be able to find a shop open.  Fifteen bucks will fix it, but the fuse is just a symptom.  With verified airflow and new fuses, why is the dryer tripping off the line?


(1) Did I damage the old thermal cutoff switch with my stupidity the first time around, and it failed prematurely?


(2) Is there still some possible airflow problem in the dryer that could be causing a restriction that would affect that sensor?


(3) Could it be that the system requires a 10-watt incandescent light bulb to 'balance' everything?


Any help you folks could provide would be most appreciated.  I am not very experienced with major appliances.





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