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In Topic: Kenmore 417.40412700 will not start

Today, 08:08 AM

I was recently here and with your help I managed to get this washer repaired by replacing the control board. It worked fine for about a month but now it stopped working with new symptoms.

Now when I set it to wash and pull the knob the door lock light will turn on but no activity comes from the washer. The door is not locked despite the door lock light on. I thought it might not be sensing the incoming water pressure so I changed the water temp setting from cold to hot figuring that maybe the incoming cold water sensor was bad but the result was the same. I also changed the main control board to the old one just in case the new one went bad but no change.

My tech head is telling me the control board is not happy with some sensor or condition and it will not allow the washer to start.

Is there any test I can do to figure out what part is bad?

I would be looking closer at the door locking mechanism. Fairly common failure item on these machines.  Common enough, our company carries this part on the truck.   Part number: AP4455026

Part number: AP4455026

In Topic: Kitchen aid dishwasher kudso2frss stops after 20 minutes

Yesterday, 09:04 AM

Do the lights blink 7 times then a pause then repeat?

In Topic: Jenn Air jfc2089wep2 leaking water

24 August 2014 - 09:13 PM

No Customer would want to shut off unit for that long.   If i replaced Defective Jazz Brd i will take unit apart to fully defrost with steamer. But never for a frozen defrost drian >  


scunci steamer   many other brands out there.  Google 

And none of our customers are given that option.... just a little advice to a possible DIYer on the internet.  


I think I misread your post earlier.  for some reason, I read it as you leaving that back evap cover on and just getting the drain cleared....  my bad.

In Topic: Jenn Air jfc2089wep2 leaking water

21 August 2014 - 06:53 PM

Thanks for the quick reply:) I haven't removed the evaporator cover in the freezer and cleared the ice as I wanted to avoid this painful step ....but it seems it's a necessary evil. I take it how I placed the notched grommet makes no difference.. but I do recall a comment that the grommet was placed  too high to work properly....?

Thanks Again!


There is a very easy thing you can to instead of disassemble the back cover..... So simple....  Open the fridge door and freezer door and unplug the unit.  Let it sit for 3 or 4 days, and then plug it back in.   You will be good to go....  If this isn't an option (which most likely it isn't)  you'll be needing to remove that back cover and manually defrost that ice!


Good Luck


I froce unit into defrost n use a steamer  to defrost frozen drian after repair. Always avoiding having to dismattle freezer rails n readjusting roller cams on rails 

How do you deal with the ice ball build up on the cap tube without taking that back cover off?

In Topic: Maytag MHW2000AWW

21 August 2014 - 06:47 PM

I had a slow motor that was groaning while trying to start the spin cycle.  I replaced the motor and controller and put on spin cycle.  It did not grain but still would not spin.  Any thoughts?  PS drain pump sounds like its working and I pulled it out and it is clear and turns.  thanks

1.)  What do you mean by controller?  The Motor Control Board, or the Main Control Board?






Do you have bad bearings?

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