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Topics I've Started

Cabrio Basket Removal on the Cheap

18 July 2015 - 11:49 AM

Not trying to start anything $hit on this topic, just throwing out a low cost solution to this problem. This is stuff I had in my garage, the most expensive part is the jack which can be had for <$20 at Wally World (although mine is clearly a K-Mart model  :rocker: )


As you can see from the picture, it's just a 2X4 cut to 22 5/8" long, another 2X4 cut a little shorter ( I did the 2nd board for strength and as a spacer to compensate for the jacks shaft travel) a couple of drywall screws to hold them together. An old bottle jack that was floating around my garage from who knows when.




1 - Pull wash plate

2 - Put bolt back in shaft, thread it in about 1/2 way or more

3- Put 2X4 under upper rim of tub

4- Put jack on top of wash plate bolt and crank it up


Disclaimer: this was not my original idea. There is a video on You Tube with a guy using a scissor type jack but he doesn't tell you how long the board needs to be - which is important.


This works great for bearing/shaft replacements, however on units that you just need to pull the basket to retrieve something it can be a PIA getting the basket back on to the crusty shaft so it will float properly. I have resorted to a wire wheel attachment I can put on my impact to clean the shaft up so the basket will float.



KA KEBC208KSS0 Upper Oven Won't Shut Off

25 June 2015 - 04:52 PM

I am the second service company to check out this oven. The first company took over 30 days to return with a rebuilt board and the customer lost their patience.


The problem:

Upper oven will not shut off after it has been started. Once off is pushed the display is dark (except for the clock) and it appears the oven is off but it continues to heat and the cooling fan continues to run. The only way out of this condition is to turn off the breaker. The bottom oven works as it should.


The first service company sent the board (4453661) to Core Centric to get rebuilt as it is NLA. After reinstallation the original condition still existed.  I sent the board back to Core Centric for a second look ( figuring it was a stuck relay or something) and they confirm that it's operating as designed and passing all of their tests. The UI responds to all commands and does not appear to be flakey as in a stuck key situation. I have not reinstalled the board yet, but I am not expecting a different result since Core Centric said it's all good and they did nothing to it in terms of replacing parts.


So my bruthers, have ye any thoughts, experiences, or words of advice on this little slice of heaven?


Customers "great" idea

04 February 2015 - 12:58 PM

So, I went out to check out a gas range that the oven wouldn't heat up when I discovered this thing in the corner......................




Oh yeah, that's a custom fabricated barely big enough for the refer to sit on refrigerator stand.  The lady of the house goes on to explain it makes getting to the bottom of the refer easier (and apparently more difficult to get into the freezer judging by the stool) and she doesn't understand why more people don't do this ingenious modification.  


I asked her "how'd you get it on top of the platform?"  Her reply "oh, it took two great big guys with straps to get it on there!"  Uh huh, I see.  The range works great now, but I hope she loses my number if that refer goes down because you KNOW it'll be a compressor start relay or condenser fan!

Whirlpool Refer No Cool WRT571SMYB00

29 December 2014 - 01:14 PM

First one of these I've ran across, mfg date of 6/11, serial # VS12676109.  Complaint is no cool.  The only thing working is the fresh food section light (no light in freezer) 


No fans or compressor running, display is not lighted.  I found the tech sheet in the back of the unit but couldn't put it into diagnostic mode due to display not being illuminated.


Verified 120v to the board (Hercules control) which looks like a glorified ADC board.  Has anyone ran across this before, and how do you know if it's the board or the UI (Opal) ?

Whirlpool WRF990SLAM00 No Ice No Water

26 June 2014 - 12:53 PM

I'm working on a French Door bottom mount Whirlpool refrigerator with a complaint of no ice and water dispenser not working.


After inspection the water filter and water reservoir are frozen solid.  


I know Whirlpool had a TSB/fix it kit for the older model bottom mounts to  keep the cold air from migrating over and freezing up the water res and filter.  


Does anyone have a TSB or intel on the fix for this particular model? 

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