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Member Since 25 Apr 2013
Offline Last Active Jun 07 2013 09:25 AM

Topics I've Started

maytag control knobs

01 June 2013 - 11:26 AM

feel like an idiot, but can not for the life of me figure out how to remove the knob for the timer for maytag mavt236aww.  since the machine is plugged in, and the load is not out of balance, I have come to the conclusion that my problem is the timer (thank you), but can't get the knob off to remove the timer....  Help   Sorry in advance for my stupidity. 





I also couldn't find a service manual in the download section, can you provide one please?

Help Please! Over Filling washer GE WWSE3160A0WW

11 May 2013 - 08:38 AM

I am working on a GE WWSE3160A0WW residential washer that won't kick into wash mode from filling.  At the point of where is should start to wash it simply clicks and continues to fill.  I have checked the valve by turning the machine off as well as disconnect during fill to see if the valve stays open, it does not and appears to be working properly.  I checked the pressure switch by blowing into the tube from the top (got bubbles tho some resistance, making me think maybe its the tube or box attached to tub).  I also blew into the tube up towards the switch which my understanding is that should have kicked it into the wash cycle.  I got the same result as when filling, clicking and more filling.  This told me my pressure switch was bad and needed to be replaced.


Ordered (and waited) for pressure switch, so excited when it got here.  Installed and nothing!!  Same problem!  Fills, clicks (continuously, not just once or inter) and fills some more. 


Could this pressure switch I just got be defective or not working?  It fails the blow up the tube test also. (When performing the blow up the tube test, I have the washer with a couple of inches of water and as its filling I pulled the tube from the bottom by the tub and blew into it.  I immediately got the clicking, it pauses for less than a second and begins to fill again.  I'm thinking if the switch failed the test I might get nothing when blowing into the tube and the fill will just continue as if I had done nothing?)


One more thing, it will agitate once it gets to the set level, (pressure switch must be working then right?) but continues to click and fill as it agitates.  Also, it agitates at the same speed whether I have it on slow or fast, and actually appears to be really slow.  Could it be the control panel?


I'm new to this, learning so much but I'm sooo confused.  Haven't seen problems like this on all the forums I have looked for help in (lots).  I would also love to get ahold of the service manual for this machine which I have been unable to find, can you upload it for me?


Last bit of tid-bit - I did the field test mode and all worked like it should.  No error codes what-so ever, which tells me it wouldn't be the control panel?


Thanks in advance,  Susie


P.S. Love this site

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