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Member Since 26 Apr 2013
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 08:41 PM

#306817 Drain motor on HE3t not getting power

Posted by curjones on 30 October 2014 - 10:42 PM

this is what they look like.

Attached Files

#287628 Kenmore refrigerator 106.53552202 Ice maker replacement

Posted by curjones on 13 March 2014 - 12:01 AM

Got it done thanks for all your help. I was a proud daddy when it made it first liter of Ice babies. Thanks for the update Bryan. The unit I bought had the new striper,on it and like you said Durham that made a quick reinstall, it came with a lever arm, which made me think it was not just for the ice bucket in door type refrigerators, there was another model number listed on the paper, dont have it in front of me. I ordered the universial kit as well, and know have a lever arm to boot. Thanks for the input on prices for Icemaker repair as well. I was runing my numbers and rates, and thought wow, who is going to pay that much for an Icemaker. They sure complain when you try to sell a used unit without working Ice maker, and fall over dead sort of when you quote the repair cost on their unit. Getting more comfortable with service calls, state the price, and be quite. Think they call it posture, and confidence.

#285813 LG model number not matching part site LFC25776sb 00

Posted by curjones on 23 February 2014 - 10:03 PM

According to repair clinic:  I paste


Manufacturer Number AEQ72909603


(The manufacturer or RepairClinic has replaced part number aeq72909602 with this item, part number AEQ72909603 .)  They have a great video as well.


I could not get the bottom drawer to come out that easy, have to recheck that too, may have changed the design.

#285585 Maytag Centenial Direct drive Washer Clothes wet.

Posted by curjones on 22 February 2014 - 11:03 AM

The ATC fixed the problem.  

#277063 Why so my control boards ?

Posted by curjones on 10 December 2013 - 04:52 AM

What a glory filled day that will be, and I am waiting upon his return. Amen  I have wondered what shall, I be doing, or should be doing with all he has given me.  He has given me many skills, talents, abilities, and a brain to use them with.  When I use it and listen, move out with the faith of Implement the plan, of action, I have been blessed, and he truly has (looking back) provided for all my needs as he has promised.


I do find myself doubting, wondering and often wandering.  What should I be doing, am I where he wants me to be, and is what I am doing pleasing to his eyes.  Have I gave this cusstomer the best service possible, done all I could to solve their problem, and have earned the wage of my ,labor, toil, and time to fix this and still have enough to feed my family.


BE NOT DISMAYED,, means to have courage, and any lack of courage will cause you or I to second guess, slow down or stop (QUIT).


I've heard this saying very often : The problem with most people is they quit trying in trying times..


Many people have quit when their breakthrough was just around the corner.  Perserverance is a virtue, it is powerful when coupled with faith.


If I had to depend on my own power, or my own Faith, I probably would not have made it this far.  Faith in the higher power than me is the key of life.  I have a name for that Higher power and I know he died for me.  He gave up all his riches, money, position, and came down to this earth, lived poor, was beaten, died,  so I could live.  That much I do know to be a truth, a fact.  I thank Jesus  the CHRIST for watching over me.  He came so we could live an abundant, better life on this earth.  If we have not; often its because we ask not, or are NOT getting off our butts or using our minds, to go seek and find, or go in his Faith, coupled in a yoke with our own faith.  Being doers..    Not sure where this all comes from at times.. it just pours out..

#276841 665.9500210 Range stove Control Board

Posted by curjones on 08 December 2013 - 05:56 PM

Now you done it, made me hungry, GOT to GET a samich, cause I'm NOT thinking bout stoves AND fixen em BUT food AND drink.  lol

#276834 Kenmore refrigerator 106.74262400

Posted by curjones on 08 December 2013 - 05:01 PM

Thanks for the word of encouragement Applianceman and from all.  I was working on a GE dryer, and the used timer I had came out of a model that looked just like the one I was woking on, the timers look a lot a like but just a few numbers off.  I assumed it would work.  I did not study the prints, Had I looked at the print first, I might have noticed the diffrence.  This was done on one of my sale units, so it was classroom, training time for me.  This Is why I don't assume all, dryers, fridges.. are the same.  I have not got the background to know that whirplool wires all refrigerators the same.


I learned for instance how the start capacitor operated on the motor of a washer motor, and then saw the capacitors on fridges and assumed they were there to help start the compressor.  Later I was enlightened on the fact that the refrigerator uses the capacitor, to run..  Got that class of information from this site from a member here.  That is good stuff I need to know,  We use to call these tid bits COMMON-KNOWALLOGY.  Those tid-bits can be covered in a good class, and some will think, I wont ever, or I dont work with motors that use capacitors, why do I need to know that, I work on three phase, big stuff.  Then later you find yourself looking at motors with capacitors, and you say, wow.. I should have paid better attention, I could be having a V-8 or a cold one now , but instead it's back to the books, and classroom.


I worked with some now sharp Tech in Maintenance, and when the new guy, young guy came along they were sort of ruff on them.  One guy was real sharpminded, and he said look if they ain't got the common basicis they do'nt need to hire them here.  I asked him how did he get so sharp. did he learn it all own his own?.  Did some one take time to put it in a textbook, article, forum. study manual.  Then teach it.  We all had a teacher, and someone handing us a file of encouragement, so we could ourselves get sharp, and skilled. 

My axe is a bit dull still as an appliance tech in some types, some brands, some old, some new.  I have to get a file to get sharp.  I want a grinder and do it as fast as I can, but sometimes the grinders in life wear us down to nothing and spit us out after they have abused us. 


Once the edge of the Samurais' sword has been formed and shaped, he only requies a wet stone or steel to maintain its edge.  AS Iron sharpens Iron so are men of wisdom to sharpen each other.  I get sharper here on this site, because of the abundance of wisdom and knowledge here, And the williness of the others to share their Knowledge.  There is a truth to the word, there is strength in numbers, where there is two, should you fall, there is one to pick you up.  Thanks again.

#276607 Whirlpool fridge eed221mt ? not right need help

Posted by curjones on 06 December 2013 - 03:53 PM

You'er the man Reg, did you have to go to the smithsonia to get them. thanks.

#276520 Whirlpool fridge eed221mt ? not right need help

Posted by curjones on 05 December 2013 - 08:55 PM

Trying to find info on who made what models in a year, use the goverment.  The  federal trade commission has all the models listed by type of appliance, style  manufacture, and energy effeciency rating.  Go to their search and put in the year,




I had put in 2005.  Then I looked for refigerators, selected them, it took me to a table where I selected side by side with Ice in door. got this table






You can get it as a PDF, or Excell file.  Those who know how to work excel formulas and fields could add a field ,like tech sheet number, and have a pretty good data base of information, and the goverment did most of the work for you.


It's about time the goverment has done something useful.. lol


All refrigerators 2012-2003  list drop down select your year.



#275694 WRT779REYW00 whirlpool Refrigerator water dispenser

Posted by curjones on 27 November 2013 - 11:05 PM

Got a call to go out on this, I was looking at parts list and diagram, see there is two water valves availiable, Does this unit have just one water valve for the Icemaker and water dispenser.? Whats the difference in the two sol.

I have not seen the unit, so I'm guessing there are tees coming off the water sol, goes to filter housing, and the other up to Icemaker, I dont see them on parts list .

The customer said another appliance person came out awhile back and drilled out a port, not sure where, filter housing.

Does the solonoid have a screen, Im going to look at some of my spare used parts,

I plan to rig up a pressure guage to make sure I have the 35 psi.

He said he just put in a new filter, I have the instructions to pugre of air, and the remove the filter and see if flow increases

Any history of installing a new filter and it is bad or plugged from get go?

Can the filter housing go bad, has it got screens ?

I'm thinking it has a bad inlet solonoid (water) weak not opening valve 100%

May be able to pick one up but need to know why there is two on parts list (Appliance parts pro)
only has pic of one

#274931 DRYER SAFETY NOTE: when sparks fly you could have died

Posted by curjones on 21 November 2013 - 05:49 AM

This post is a safety reminder and a near miss report as well.  Hook up the grounds.


Was checking out a Maytag dryer in the shop,  I connected a three prong cord, to terminal lug.


I did not bother to hook up that small green ground wire, to the cabinet.


I started trouble shooting unit, had to replace a fuse, I had to lift the lid several times.


I had to clean out the vents, and fan housing after I heard coins bouncing around in the unit, I had the Lid up.


Just shut unit off, cord was still plugged in.  I cleaned out the blower, put it back together and start to lowerer the lid.


That is when the sparks start flying.




When I went to lower the lid, unit was still plugged in. The loose ground wire went to a hot wire, L-1, sparks were flying and I was lucky that I did not get electricuted, fried holding that lid in my hand.


There was a lot of burning at hinges and luckly there was more potential diffrence there and I was not the best ground. I'll post a picture later. The circuit breaker did not trip either. It just burned the ground wire and the unit still works


I have worked in maintenance for 18 years in manufacturing, I even mentioned in several post here the Importance of the ground wire, and i did not take my own advice, or do what I preach, or teach.  Lucky this time because when the sparks fly you can die.  Hook up all ground wires before you work on unit.  This was a loose wire.

#274839 samsung rs261mdwp

Posted by curjones on 20 November 2013 - 01:21 AM

I found wher you got the qiuck sheet, and I wonder about the proper ohm reading of the heater element.  A refrence table listed it as 48 ohms for the defrost heater, this circuit has a pipe heater in parallel, so what is it's resistance. 


The quick sheet says test at 5-7 on  cn-70 for defrost heater but the print shows that 5-9 is the proper test point.  This test being done at the control board will do you no good.  If the pipe heater is good you will get a reading (pipe heater resistance is not listed on data sheet)  between 5-9 even though the bi metal, heater, or thermal fuse could be open.


You probally should open the compartmen and check each componet seperate.  I say all of this if you are having a no defrost issue now.  The first thing I would check is that thermal fuse, probally on the right side of evap between the evap coils wrapped in white foam.  Good luck and keep us posted.

#274550 Useful Thingamabobs

Posted by curjones on 17 November 2013 - 02:00 AM

Most useful thingambob for me thus far that I have purchased has been the subscription to this site, bar none it has paid me well and served me in great times of need.

#274542 Need help "Whirlpool"

Posted by curjones on 17 November 2013 - 12:17 AM

Attached File  tech sheet location vmw.png   28.46KB   0 downloads  the tech sheet should be here at arrow.

#272396 Useful Thingamabobs

Posted by curjones on 28 October 2013 - 12:42 AM

That is a great selling benefit, ad presentation for this product.  I use to chase what I would call grimlings, it was there a minute ago but now it's gone.  Some tech might come up behind me and say dude you ain't got 480 here,  Well it was there a minute ago, on exactly what you said , my 600.00 dollar process Fluke meter.   Maybe this plug device is worth it more than I first thought.  I'll have to give it a diffrent name though,, I think I'll call it the shake and bake.. Shake it to make sure the luggs on the terminal in side aint Baked.  lol

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