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Topics I've Started

GE Performance refrigerator SxS TPS24PPBE- BS

24 March 2014 - 09:01 PM

I've searched but have not gotten results for this model, some close but not sure if in the right year or generation.


Have not been out yet on this , problem is Ice auger quit working after another appliance guy was out.  He took evap cover off, left all the screws out of evap and shelves as well.  Grabbed the check for service call, and bolted when owner went to shop.  The owner had to put screws  and shelves back in.


I have these manuals in files





31-51607 mini.

Can you point me to right one, I have searched even the name performance, but that gives me stoves as well,  Not sure  what is the name of control system, not been out there.  Thanks for any info.

GE doble oven JKP44G0p1bg (JKP44GP1)

18 March 2014 - 10:31 PM

Unit has f-3 code for rtd, top oven, I tested rtd and its in resistance range, even used blow dryer to heat and it moved up and down range. I conclude bad control board. It's no longer availiable, so rebuilt board is only option. When I was in the home I looked up the parts on my tablet and saw what I thought was the complete control,with keypad for 460.00. That was going to be ok for the customer. I have to go back and explain my error, but the good news will be a rebuilt board will not cost as much as I first quoted, however there is not a return guarntee if it does not fix their problem.

On one of my resale units , I have bought a rebuilt board because of a f-3 code and even replaced the rtd, and the unit still not work.. That is my personal history experience. My worry...

I read here on site about fixyour board, and have gotten some boards from concentric. I visited their sites but don't see their return policy. Fixyour board offers a two year warrantee.

Would you even go this route with a customer, the option to rebuild the board.

BY the way The control board lights are wavey and flashy.. I checked the voltage from transformer and they were good. 4.6 and 21.

Have I missed anything in troubleshooting?

Customer likes unit and has agreed to at least 600.00 repair, which will be less going the rebuilt board way. My gut tells me, to stay away from the rebuild, but that maybe just lack of trust due to past experience.

Kenmore Oasis Dreaded F-1 Code.

13 March 2014 - 01:44 AM

I put this unit in manual test, and it spins fine.  When I retrieved the codes, I got the one for water level sensor, so I am thinking new board.  Today I go and do the re-calibrate level sensor.  Code goes away.  I go to do an auto test, and when the detergent dispenser kicks in I get the dreaded f-1 code.  I have read several post have some Ideas but wonder if anyone has had the same issue.  I got it to ignore the F-1 and it went all the way through the auto test.  Try it out and again when it starts up and goes into the phase where detergent is dispensed , F-1 appears, it reset and runs through cycle, but when it gets to final spin, now I have a wabblig basket.


Plan to go into basket, tub and do some cleaning.  Just wondering if any one has more details on the F-1 and if they noted it occured during certian functions.  I have checked the connections.  I saw where Samurai did some handy sodering work on a board to make a better connection on a front load washer.


My line of trouble shooting thinking is that a water solinoid is causing over amps, or voltage draw on board, robing signal to other parts of circuit.  Just thinking don't know for sure.

Kenmore refrigerator 106.53552202 Ice maker replacement

10 March 2014 - 01:44 PM

Please verify or correct proper parts.  I want the whole assembly, module and Ice tray.  I have dowloaded the repair manual on the optic eye system.  I have the old one, with all tray parts. 

With all the changes in Ice makers well I have not got that sorted out. 

The site i went to did not show diagram of assembly as whole.  I did find a refrence to what I would call a whirlpool universal kit.  Part number 4317943. 

Wiil this one work, has it got the right number of trays and holes in the right places to be mounted in this model.  Will still be looking but if you have mastered the list of Ice makers please help direct my path.


This Icemaker issue appears to be my next assigned class to master, samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Ge, have all been playing with their designs and I am trying to catch up.  Got to find some time to study them.  Now I am off to find a LG cracker Icemaker..

Three devices, getting Info together, online off line.

26 February 2014 - 10:09 PM

I have now a computer, a samsung tab 3 7, and a samsung phone (not a Galaxy 3 note).

I have evernote
I have drop box, I know how to link ever note with drop box, have done documents PDF.

When I want to attach a photo to a message, ON MY Phone, it lets me get the pictures from my evrenotes as well.

I would like to be able to do that from my computer, or TAB as well, but I dont know where it stores the file;
Ever note on computer or where the Tablet stores evernotes.

On the last phone I had I could store or put the appa on the SD card, I have not found that option on either of the two new Samsung devices, phone, and Tab.

The tablet does not show the photos in the gallery either, nor are they in a album.

What is the easyiest way to tranfer files between devices.

I take a picture on my phone, and then I would hook up a usb cable and dowload to computer.

The tablet in owners manual did not mention this procedure, can you up load, down load between Tablet and computer.

I have not used blue tooth, except to hand set, Tablet to phone I could use blue tooth to transfer photos and documents.

Sorry for all the questions and they are all over the place, just as my mind is trying to make a tree, or chart as to where everthing goes on each device. Once i know what limb the squrirrle is on i can go get him, right now I am the squirrle, going nuts..

I want to be able to load the tablet with a PDF before I go out, in case I dont have a good connection for the internet. Last night I went to my evernote on my tab, and since my tab was on wi fi, I was able to click on the link I had put in evernote from drop, box.. that took me to drop box and there I had the option to download the file. It downloaded it, but I at first had no Idea where. I found the My folder, in Apps by luck, and behold I had two copies of the PDF.

Here is where again is there an eaiser way to transfer computer file, to Tab.

Next: I have had several APPS say they will back up my photos and contacts for me, Drop box, google this and google that, Samsung,... What I want to know is which one can I take a picture on my phone, and then it syncs it to my tab, and computer, and then I dont have to hunt them down, or copy them.

If you can answer one of these questions, or explain your best practice thanks. I need to find a basic class somewhere, or a fith grader lol. I am googling, and reading when I have time. Thanks.

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