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In Topic: G.E. wall oven model JRP28BJ1BB wierd happenings

29 August 2014 - 07:55 PM

 Yes it does but i noticed latch moves just a little bit not all the way over like its going in to full lockdown mode for like self-clean. -and- I had noticed when the door was closed and going thru that routine I described of locking and unlocking about every 15 to 20 seconds that the door has a little play not sucked up tight like you normally experience in self clean . Its seems like when it wont open the latch barely has it caught . but like I said the "door locked" message never clears from the screen.Im thinking board also but wanted some input from you guys before charging off half cocked and ordering that baby. Appreciate the responses and welcome any more feedback.

In Topic: kenmore dryer model 11064842400 heats up but wont start.

28 August 2014 - 08:22 PM

thanks for responding and that makes sense on the heater and as far as the thermal cutout isconcerned if you mean that  high limit that mounts at the top of the heater can some guy had already bypassed it. ( I guess it was the guy she had out 3 times in 2 weeks about 2 months back that she said: " kept putting on something called thermal cutouts on it and the last time said he wouldnt put on another unless we had vent cleaned. Had a proffessional vent cleaning company come out and clean dryer vent and he came back""" I assume from what I saw he didnt trust the vent clean and was determined not to "adopt" this dryer for life. Been almost that frustrated before myself but never could quite pull the trigger on leaving that as a "fix" for more than a quick overnight emergency.  If you meant the thermal fuse over on the blower side ,yeah that is what i fully expected to find (so much so that i came with one in hand) but it tests to be good. I realize now after reading my original post is that it sounded like i was more concerned about the heater problem but my main question is ideas on the no start situation. also i didnt accurately describe the noise the timer makes when i oush start instead of a single click its more of a clickety ,click,click like 2 to 4 clicks in rapid succession

No fairbank no hum of motor only multiple clicks from timer

In Topic: G.E. built in double wall oven-no bake in upper oven model# JKP75SP3SS

22 November 2013 - 04:16 PM

I posted a question about this unit about 10 days ago and got feedback that sounded like a relay was stuck. when you hit bake and enter temp the broil comes on and goes to temp and maintains temp but it does so only with the broil element even though its in bake so stuff ends up burnt to crisp on top but uncooked in center or bottom. ordered board but when i installed new board with all the bake/broil relays on it and restart power the control panel lights up like a christmas tree with every command lit up at once but buttons dont respond at all to touch and nothing comes on. after about 2 minutes the center light panel ( where usually clock time shows) is showing Loc   ref.    i guess thats an r its block squared off letters so the r looks more like an uncompleted  n straight line up straight line across. i installed it wire by wire from the old board and made real sure the ribbon from contol panel to control was in all the way until the little tab clicked. just for good measure turned off power and went wire by wire and ribbon by ribbon and did it all again with same result. cut power and reinstalled old board so at least bottom oven would work and control toch pad works fine again (still have original problem of upper oven being broil even when set and showing bake) but touchpad works fine with original board in place. any ideas whats happening and what direction i should pursue. thanks

In Topic: G.E. built in double wall oven-no bake in upper oven model# JKP75SP3SS

11 November 2013 - 08:19 PM

I would be happy to replace element if i could figure out how to get to it (whether i need it or not). But main question still is why does Broil element in upper oven have full voltage (bright red for the entire preheat and beyond) and yet the bottom oven which bakes perfectly appears to have half voltage to broil and full voltage to bake only. which evidently is the proper way its suppossed to work. any ideas on what is cause of broil element(oven set for bake at 350) mistakingly blazing away with full voltage?

In Topic: G.E. built in double wall oven-no bake in upper oven model# JKP75SP3SS

09 November 2013 - 05:26 PM

Thanks, but i wonder if i need a bake element becuse the board seems to be sending full power to broil. Anybody have an idea whats happening here?

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