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Topics I've Started

sears built in oven model 790.47733407

25 June 2014 - 10:38 AM

can anyone tell me how to install this door glass? it is not the interior glass nor is it the exterior glass it is a middle glass that needs replacing. I have ordered and recieved the glass but for the life of me cant figure out how to install it . may have to remove the door but it isnt one os those you just pull the door and it slides off hinges and their is a thin metal frame that is one continuous rectangle so i can remove top and side screws but no room to remove bottom screws as that is the bottom of door and no tool ive got is small enough to fit between oven and door bottom (about the width of a pencil) not sure removing that frame is even what i need to do to get to this glass. any advice appreciated.


kenmore washer model 11026932690 mystery no agitate no spin

09 June 2014 - 07:18 PM

thought i had seen everything that could go wrong with direct drive washers (especially since that is all i worked on for about 2 1/2 years everyday). obviosly i was wrong as this one is driving me crazy. unit filled but would not spin or pump Bad lid switch right. yes lid switch was bad (housing cracked )would contact about 10 percent of time , install new lid switch test worked great. month goes by and return and full of water and wont agitate or spin. lady informs me that the first time i came out it also wouldnt agitate. test lid switch it is still good try to find cycle it would pump down and spin and finally got lucky and found one spot on entire timer it would pump down and spin(yes spin) so that elimanates spin winding of motor one would think. the spot where timer worked was at the end of permanant press wash it would fill and "cool down" pause then pump down and spin only leaving about an inch of water visible in basket at stop of short spin. timer continues to move and fills for rinse but no agitate and no spin all the way to end of cycle. the same with all three other cycles initial fill timer keeps moving to completion but no agitate or spin in any cycle except for that one "golden spot" in perm press cycle. changed speeds from slow/fast lady uses to fast/fast slow/ extra slow etc. -no effect . by a miracle i had her exact timer in my shop new still in box changed timer same exact result-so not the timer. even removed cover and wiggled wiring block to motor with no result(sounds wierd but i have on many occasions had direct drives motor plugs where you just touch wiring harness get contact and it works-and then you make permant fix)  very baffled -unit does have that b.s. printed board for auto temp control but i cant imagine that is causing this problem but maybe??  oh and also just for info water level switch works great cuts off when designed on small/medium/ or large. any help appreciated.

Kitchenaid downdraft vent system model KIRD861VSS1

06 June 2014 - 11:32 PM

Working on a K--AID downdraft vent . this is the type that rise out of the counter vertically . came up out of the counter but wont run and when you push button wont go back down -seems dead to the world. found bad fuse replaced fuse with factory fuse tried to push button and unit finally made a noise for about a secon and a half then no noise(nothing moved) . checked fuse and sure enough new fuse was blown. any ideas? unit has a contol board mounted right above the fuse at the bottom right hand corner of the unit behind a cover plate , but good lord is it expensive. checked what appears to be kind of an interlock switch behind a cover plate at left bottom corner of the unit and it checked out fine. dont want to order this control board if that is not the problem. anybody with experience working on this overenginnered fancy fan system please give me any feedback. by the way i dont believe there is any physical impediment to the fan unit to going up or down  it appears to have risen up to its full height and has been functioniong perfect every day for a long time and the counter hasnt been changed its in the same marble countertop its always been in. note -it is a seperate unit to the cooktop installed in front of it with its own model number and everything of course its designed to be used with the k-aid cooktop that it was installed with . HELP out of my depth here.

G.E. built in double wall oven-no bake in upper oven model# JKP75SP3SS

09 November 2013 - 01:46 PM

Upper oven when set for bake with both litle icon lines representing bake and broil elements coming on screen showing both are energizred ( broil for preheat assistance-i get that) but in reality only the broil is coming on and it is coming on full blast and bake isnt coming on at all. you can acually reach in and touch the bottom of oven without burning hand even after its been preheating 2 or 3 minutes and oven is hot from broil being fully energized. One might think that its obvious the bake element is bad but when you use the lower oven you realize that what is normal for the preheat phase is HALF VOLTAGE to the broil element and FULL VOLTAGE to bake element. lower oven works fine of course but upper while technically satisfying preheat and maintaining temperature is only doing so with the broil element so it burns everything on top and leaves bottom almost uncooked . when you set that lower oven even the little icons on board show it doing the proper thing with a short "half-energized" line representing broil element and a long"full energized" line representing bake element. I would assume bad bake element in upper if it werent for this blazing red fully energized broil element in upper making me think i may have other problem. I dont know sensor?  board?-------also----if i do have a bad element i have no idea how to access it. i have encounterd many "hidden" bake elements on late model ovens but usually there is an obvios cover that you remove to reveal the element but the the bottom of this oven looks like one continuous piece with the side walls blending right into the bottom with no obvious cover or humps or bumps. have no idea how they are hiding bake element. any help appreciated.

G.E. washer model number WWSE5240G2WW overflow and spin issues

09 November 2013 - 01:13 PM

Original problem was overflow ( out of overflow tube) on "super" level-would stop filling but stopped so late that water was up to plastic tub ring and would pour out of overflow tube. Replaced water level switch and did not stop problem. replaced tube from tub to switch and seems to have corrected problem. Only mention the water level saga in case in any way it might have bearing on the second problem.At the same time as the initial water level problem had another problem that unit would go through entire cycle but would not go into final spin. motor was running and was running alloted time for spin but wasnt actually spinning--if you opened the lid real quick the tub wasnt screeching to a stop and tub was pumped out but clothes still wet and not plastered to the side wall like normal also the spin light on the board didnt come on . I could however move the dial all the way around to "drain/spin" and hit start and it would spin out clothes. Replaced control board and that seemed to fix problem -worked fine over the next few days or what amounted to 8 or 9 loads and then problem came back only this time the turn it to 'Drain/spin " trick isnt working---it now wont do the final spin at all. any ideas?

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