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Member Since 08 May 2013
Offline Last Active Dec 23 2014 10:51 AM

Topics I've Started

L.G. Dryer model DLE8377NM "check lint filer"

05 December 2014 - 02:37 AM

L G Dryer-newer stle ,upright with glass door in front.  Push on the power button and set your settings and go to hiy start and the screen is taken over by ":check lint filter"error code. if you wait a few seconds error code will clear and you can startv dryer and it appears to run alright(despite havin the vent hose run about 25 feet.. and drys clothes. i checked lint filter and it was clean. I then used my long brushed and cleaned out the entirehousing that the lint screen is insertated into and got it clean but still this warning persisted on the screen. any ideas on how to get this to stop. and where is the sensor located at it. is their a safeway to bypass it so it wount ever happen again or do i need to replace a part. Had to calm lady as she seemed convinced the world was coming to an end.  any advice appreciated,

W/Pool Dishwasher model DU1055XTVQ1 fills but wont run

21 November 2014 - 04:48 PM

This dishwasher will fill but after completing the fill it  briefly(like for one second) hums then you hear an audible click from the left end of the console followed a second later by a click from the right side of the console and then it shuts off completely with no indicator lights on the console lite even the command you originally entered say (normal/heated dry etc.). You enter the diagnostic mode and it starts the diagnostic test like usual ( all lights come on for a second then normal/heatdry lights) but again as soon as the test fill finishes it shuts off completely.  Originally I thought it had to be a bad drive motor but complicating that diagnosis (and hears were it gets really wierd) for the longest time if you would hit cancel then reset your cycle and try again it would eventually stay on after the fill and work , but you had to do this process like 4 or 5 times before it would "take" and go on and start washing after the fill. Now even this process has stopped working and now all it will do is fill then console lights go off and it stops dead. you have to hit cancel to drain the water.  Any ideas ---not sure how to proceed . thanks

Frigidaire s/s frig model FRS6HR45KS0

21 October 2014 - 12:25 PM

Have changed a lot of door gaskets over the years-miserable job always tons of heating and reshaping and hinge adjustment etc. I get that . But its been a while (thankfully) and this model has no screws holding gasket in place. Really no visible screws to back out remove old gasket and slip new gasket under lip and reattach. What holds gasket in place and how do you change out the freezer gasket on this model? totally confused. thanks for help

G E gas cooktop model JGP326WEV1WW

27 September 2014 - 01:04 PM

cooktop works fine ignition and beautiful even blue flame at every burner but when its turned off  you here a single click every 24 seconds like clockwork and sure enough when you here the click and your looking at it there is a spark at all four burners.  Cant imagine what this would have to do with it but a couple of days before this started i had been to the mans house because he thought he kept getting a smell of gas even when not in use. I soaped all the lines and connections with flourescent leak detector and could not find a leak anywhere and i did not smell any gas nor did the man anymore. A little over 24 hours later this mystery clicking started again i cant see the connection but throwing it out there . Any ideas what needs repairing.  ?  thanks

whirlpool cabrio model WTW6400SW2

27 September 2014 - 12:50 PM

you set the cycle to wash (any selection) and chose cold water and rinse, push start and it begins to fill and then after 30 seconds it beeps and flashes F1 error code and stops. you can restart several times after it keeps doing this same routine and eventually it will work and seems to complete entire wash. However have noticed if i put it on hot wash this wont happen it never shuts off just works as it should. tried warm setting and it works properly maybe 2 out of3 times without F1 and restart routine. Dont know if problem is with board or water fill related. when filling with cold it seems to be filling fine valve opens and water comes in what sounds to be about as fast as when you use hot and it fills. any ideas? thanks

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