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Kokanee Ranger

Member Since 22 May 2013
Offline Last Active Nov 12 2014 10:02 PM

Topics I've Started

Moffat dryer RCKH315EHWW smoking

25 October 2014 - 03:26 PM

First time working on this Slovenian piece of engendering.


Costumer complaint unit started smoking and they shut it down.

Found the front felt seal out of place and the drum jammed.

The motor shaft had burned through the drive belt. Hence the smoking.


This unit is not front serviceable and the install was part of the four plus hour working on this unit.

Washer installed in a small closet in the bathroom 18” off the floor , dryer stacked on top.

This closet was built a foot away from the toilet.

After unstacking and removing 40 plus screws ( not an exaggeration )

I removed the top, both side panels , fan-heater cover and removed enough screws on the front cover to

be able to replace the front felt seal.

There is no belt tensioner on this one.

 Fed the new belt over the fan in the back undid the bolt on the rear bearing and slipped it over the backside.

Not easily done as the belt seems under sized.


Did a test run with the dryer on the toilet seat. The belt runs on grooves between the motor and the fan.

Now the metal fan at the end of the motor shaft is scraping on the sheet metal on the back of the unit.

I had to adjust the fan blades for clearance.

With the top off I could see the belt had moved back to the edge of the drum where it had been running before.

Problem is the grooved belt no longer running in the grooves on the motor output shaft.


I think I have to go back and move the motor shaft one inch to the rear to line up the grooves and clearance the fan.


Anyone run into this before ?

GE dryer DCVH480EKWW does not complete cycle.

14 October 2014 - 06:35 PM

Runs for half a cycle and shuts down , no beeps , no display , no codes.

Will restart after it cools down only to shut down again.


In diagnostics no stored codes ,

Thermistor reads 20K ohms at 100 f , sounds about right .

From wiring diagram hi limit thermostat shuts down the heater only near as I can tell.


I'm thinking the control board on this Samsungy piece of engineering

Anyone else run into this …

Or any thoughts before I go back with a board.

Whirlpool Dishwasher DU930PWPS 0 incomplete drain

29 September 2014 - 09:35 PM

Need a little help with an old school Whirlpool dishwasher. Incomplete drains .

Made the mistake of leaving some water in the sump when disassembling .

Removed the screen and found two white balls floating around .

Where the hell do these little MF's go .

Tried them both in the oval on the right and again with one in a spot just to the left of the oval and the other inside.

Replaced the screen costumer thought their was a dead mouse inside … just a bunch of woolly stuff .

Only the second one of these I have seen the and other one didn't have a drain problem.

Costumer got the unit when they bought the house. From day one it never drained fully .

They would hit the" cancel drain" after a wash and most of the water would go away most of the time.

Drain hose is clear and the drain function seems to work better the second time around.

This unit had been worked on before … no tech-sheet .

KGSS907SSS 00 Not sensing flame , shorted somewhere.

29 June 2013 - 09:33 AM

Changing DSI did not change any thing. W10331686

I have continuity but hight resistance L1 and N to the body of the unit.

Was advised to change the harness . But I suspect the appliance manager.


Custumer refuses to pay for diagnostics.

16 June 2013 - 02:37 PM

Went to look at a Bosch washer and Drier in a hair saloon on Robson Strasa (St. ) Drier not heating Washer leaking .

Looked at dried first took of back cover and reset thermal fuse. Told her if it happened again I would replace the thermo. She insisted the bellows on the washer was leaking , did not even look at it .

Refused to pay for the Drier 2nd Appliance rate.$44.75 “ All you did was press the little red button. “

Did not want to pay diagnostic on the washer as she had diagnosed it herself.


At this point told her it would be $300 to replace the bellows . Diagnostic comes off the total cost of the repair but she refused to pay.


Came back replaced the bellows She diagnosed . Collected $300


Before I got back to the Van . She came running out to the “ It's leaking again.”


What I found the leak would only happen on spin. The drain hose came out the right side to a sink Was clamped to the wall and was pointing up at a 45 dr. angle. In spin water would dribble out the end of the hose follow the hose back to its lowest point and drip to the floor on the right side. The water would then follow the slope on the floor and come out the left side of the washer.

Pulled the hose so it pointed down 45 dr. and stopped the leak.


I should have felt bad about charging her $300 for a repair she didn't need .

She insisted the bellows was the source of the leak and need to be replaced. I only did what she asked.

After stiffing me on the 2nd appliance .. and not willing to pay anything on the first visit.

I was not willing to go the extra mile for this Lady.


Funny she never called the office to complain.

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