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Member Since 16 Jul 2013
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Topics I've Started

Maytag Dishwasher: No Water

16 January 2015 - 05:35 PM

I'm starting to get VERY frustrated trying to repair our Maytag dishwasher.  Here's the rundown....
Model: Maytag Dishwasher MDB-6650AWS
Condition: No water coming into unit at beginning of cycle
Actions so far: Replaced the water inlet valve with a brand-new unit
Someone suggested I run a hose off the old water inlet valve and run it into a bucket as the machine is cycling to see if the valve was drawing water.  No water.
I replaced the valve with a brand-new one and again ran it into a bucket.  Same result: No water.
At the beginning of the cycle, the machine makes the same sounds as it always does, except that no water goes into the unit.  I let it run for quite a long time into its cycle this time (about 20 minutes), till the soap tray opened.  When I opened the unit, it was dry.
A Clue (?): As the machine was cycling in the beginning, I toggled the overflow float valve (or whatever it's called) up and down, on and off, and this seemed to have no effect on the water inlet cycle; it just kept on buzzing along as though water was coming into the machine at the beginning of the cycle.
This cannot be that difficult.  I have worked on cars for forty years, very successfully.
Would somebody be so kind as to tell me what to check, or send me a link on how to correctly diagnose this problem and get it fixed once and for all.  I feel my lifeline shortening by the second.  Thank you.

Kenmore Fridge Not Staying Cold

16 July 2013 - 09:26 PM

Here is the unit I am asking about:


Kenmore 106.72102100


Serial No: EL3614765


Mfg Date: 09/01


Type: 21TFA95


This is an older unit with the freezer on top.  I need to decide whether to keep this unit running.  I love this fridge, but it doesn't stay cool in the summer. Appreciate any insights gleaned here.


Here's the deal: I had a Sears repair guy come out. He cleaned out the dust in the bottom and said this would fix the problem. It didn't. I called them back and they are coming again this Friday.


Here's the condition. The top freezer runs at about -10 Farenheit. He told me if the freezer ran at that temperature, it would be fine in the lower fridge. But the fridge is running at about 50 degrees F. It is fine all year long except for the the summer months.


He told me that there is no separate cooler in the bottom fridge, that all the cool air flows from the freezer above. My question is: Is it possible there is a broken fan or lever causing the air to not flow down? How, exactly, does the cold air get from the freezer to the fridge? Could this somehow be blocked, and that's causing the problem?


He explained that this unit is a "closed" system, so any major repairs are not worth it, I should just buy a new fridge.


What is the fix for this condition, and is it fixable at a reasonable price?


I have taken a vacuum to the bottom of the fridge and cleared out all the dust and dirt. Again, the Sears repairman said this would fix the problem, but it did not.


What do I say to him? Do we need to take the fridge out and remove the rear cover? Is there more cleaning that should be done back there? If so, how and where? Or is this unit beyond repair?


In short, what do I tell the Sears repairman to check?  Can this be fixed for a reasonable price?


Thank You Very Much.

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