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Chad ONeal

Member Since 22 Jul 2013
Offline Last Active Aug 04 2013 11:27 AM

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Horrible Smell from Magic Chef MCBR-1010w

22 July 2013 - 10:15 PM

Hello all. My first post here, as this is my first attempt of actually communicating with someone directly about my problem. I have exhausted most efforts I believe. I've watched youtube videos, asked local HVAC guys, and attempted to access every and all user servicable locations on this refridgerator. The fridge is model MCBR-1010w from Magic Chef. It works great, is very clean. I am not 100% if this is the culprit, but I had some fresh fish in a ziplock bag on the bottom rack shelf defrosting. Some of the juice drtipped down to the glass floor and crisper buckets, noticed before 12 hours had even passed. A smell was eminating from the fridge, but pulling the fish out and smelling the bag of fish isolated from the cabanet, I smelt no fowl odor. I completely removed all items, lysol with bleach cleaned the fridge top to bottom, fridge and freezer, and the smell was noticable after an hour of the bleach smell wearing off. I unplugged the fridge, took it out side, pulled every shelf and crisper drawer out, sprayed the whole thing inside and out top to bottom with bleach, let it side sprayede it again then hosed it out. I then sprayed lysol disinfective spray in every square inch of the cabanets.. The smell was gone, until I plugged it in, the fowl smell, like bad fish or boiled bologna mixed with dirt old bus seats and drippy garbage leakage, returned.. I have not reintroduced any food items at this time. I put 5 boxes of baking soda in there, poured some in their loosly, bowls of activated carbon and some newspapers inside. All at home remedies I found online. Nothing worked. I unplugged the fridge and let it sit outside, doors open for 3 days. I then, again sprayed the inside of the cabanet with bleach and scrubbed the heck out of it, AGAIN.. Let it air dry, and plugged it back in with the doors still open. The whole kitchen smelt within the hour.I finally, removed the back panel in the freezer after unplugging the unit, and sprayed the coils with lysol until dripping.. Sprayed and sprayed and sprayed every inch.. There is two ports on the bottom, one that goes into the fridge cabanet, and one that drains out to the dripper pain in the rear bottom. I continually poured bleach water down the back drain.. Well over 2 gallons of solution. I also removed the fridge panel where the thermostat is, and pulled the styrofoam down a little, it didnt come all the way easily so I didn not force it, I just pulled it down as much as it freely allowed, and sprayed the heck out of the styrofoam and surrounding area with lysol... I am at a complete loss. There is no other access to internal parts of this fridge it appears a diy user should be able to access... The only vent INTO the cabanets that I am able to see is the drain for the defrost cycle.. Does that funnel down and taper to the small drain hole above the drain pain, or does it somehow spread into a bigger cavity prior to being drained. Could perhaps backteria water or mold made its way somewhere in there and just pouring bleach down there isnt reaching it.. I am seriously so frustrated!! ANY HELP?!?!?!

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