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The Turtle

Member Since 25 Jul 2013
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In Topic: Kenmore compact chest freezer

29 July 2013 - 10:49 PM

Tried to view the PDF of the schematic, and...



Sorry, you don't have permission for that!

Never heard a piezo alarm, but if there's a true on-off switch to disable the buzzer, I'd have never thought to look for it or expect a buzzer at all.  Bought the unit nearly-new-but-used.  Will look around the lid.  Doesn't help that the unit is black, so stuff in the back isn't really easy to see.


Thanks for posting.

In Topic: Kenmore compact chest freezer

28 July 2013 - 06:08 PM

Yeah, let me get a picture of it tomorrow.


Oddly, I'm having some trouble regulating the thermostat since the new relay and cap.  I've had the thing cranked up to max cold for years, but now I find that if I leave it cranked, eventually all the tubes to and from the compressor get very hot (almost too hot to touch), the temperature alarm light comes on, even though the unit freezes stuff solid and keeps it frozen.  I backed the thermostat off to "3" instead of "9" and I can hear the thing cycle as needed, but the output tube doesn't necessarily always feel cold when the compressor is running.


Another odd observation:  once the temp alarm light pops on, the compressor seems to run continuously, even if the contents are frozen, until I unplug the whole unit and replug it.  Almost like there's some nonexistent circuit somewhere that latches the compressor on if the temperature alarm light is lit (I am 99% sure it has no such circuit).


Any chance the temp light would be triggered if the unit gets too COLD?

In Topic: Kenmore compact chest freezer

26 July 2013 - 10:04 PM

Yeah, there's my girl Irma:



In Topic: Kenmore compact chest freezer

26 July 2013 - 09:56 PM

He was wiggling and bumping right at the start relay.  Seems like a straightforward case of either a problem with the start relay or a sloppy connection at the molex connector on the relay.  

UPDATE: killed the power, pulled the start relay and capacitor (I had both new components, figured I'd just stick them all in and see what happened rather than trying to triage it down any further). Put the new cap and relay in place, restored the connector to the relay, freezer fired right up and worked solid for the two hours I cared to sit there and keep an eye on it.  Looks like the relay probably nailed it.  Have not yet dissected the old start/overload relay assembly, but I did shake it and nothing loose rattled around inside.  Will pick it apart in my abundant spare time.  Intend to check the unit tomorrow when I go out to the barn, but I expect it'll be fine.  Sure wish Sears had maybe put a piezo buzzer on the thing for temp alarm instead of just a little orange light by the handle, as the compressor is normally quiet enough you have to really listen to hear if it's running or not.  Thanks to all for input and advice.


Side note: in my house, I have a 1953 International Harvester chest freezer which has been in continuous and perfect service for sixty years now, and the only casualty seems to be the light over at the side of the inside chamber.  This thing still has the original "Irma Harding" instruction sticker under the lid.  The only reason that freezer is still there is that when I bought the house seventeen years ago, the walk-out basement door had been remodeled in the early 1960s and was now to narrow to let the freezer out.  Whoever takes it out of there, when and if it ever fails, will have to cut it up with a Sawzall.  I guess the Home Appliance division of the International Harvester Corporation did its job too well back in 1953.


Looks like this, only in my basement, and perfect:



In Topic: Kenmore compact chest freezer

25 July 2013 - 04:49 PM

OK, cool.  The unit is maybe four years old, no prior issues with sealing.  When (if) the compressor starts, it cools rapidly.  Let's see if the new relay and cap get this thing going.

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