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In Topic: Frigidaire washer LTF2940FE1 front load

13 August 2013 - 08:51 PM

Since I installed the speed control board the washer has been fine. I switched my old pump back in and the machine is still fine so I sent back the new one. Thank you all for your suggestions and help.

In Topic: Frigidaire washer LTF2940FE1 front load

05 August 2013 - 11:02 AM

OK, took off the belt and the motor spins very easily and also the drum turns smoothly.

All the ohm readings across the pins come out within the ranges given by Pduff and the trouble shooting paper in the washer. So, it seems that we are down to the speed control board next to the motor? Would that keep water from entering the drum as seems to be the problem? Maybe it seemed that the water pump wasn't working as this board shut down water coming in and also shut down the pump? Expensive part so just wanted to check with those who know these things.

JDSurfer,  sorry for not listing what the error code meant. I was so concentrating on my problem that I forgot that there are a number of manufacturers and a great many different models and therefore codes. At least PDuff was kind enough to make up for my error. 

In Topic: Frigidaire washer LTF2940FE1 front load

03 August 2013 - 08:02 PM

JJ Surfer, Thanks for your comment.


I went thru the codes. First error code E56 came up. I then went thru the next 9 steps. Steps 2,3,4 call for water to flow thru parts of the dispenser and very briefly on each step it did. Can't say if it went in the parts of the soap dispenser called for. Steps 5 and 6 the door lock solenoid locked and released respectively. Step 7 some water came in but it did not fill nor did it tumble. Step 8 the same, some water but no spin. Step 9 the water exhaust pump worked and this time it did go into a high spin. Step 10 came up with the last error code of E56 again. 

 The drum turned smoothly yesterday when I turned it by hand. I will take the belt off as called for and see if the motor itself turns easily by hand and the drum.


I checked the filters on the hoses and cleaned them but there was very little blockage there. Put the hoses in a bucket and turned on the water and it flowed fine. 

In Topic: Frigidaire washer LTF2940FE1 front load

02 August 2013 - 06:00 PM

The new pump arrived today. Installed it and poured some water into the drum to check that the connections were tight. Put it on spin/drain and everything seemed to be fine. Pumped cleared out the water and the drum turned. Great. Put in a small load as a test and put it on Quick cycle. Pressed start and ERR should for a second and then nothing. Unplugged and tried again on Normal. Same. Left it unplugged for 30 minutes. No difference. It does make a quick sound like a solenoid or something jumping but then the time just counts down to 1 and stays there. Pretty much the same as I started with. Now I'm not so sure about the pump. Press Stop/Pause and I can open the door and it does lock.

Darn: put in pump and showed in the proper spots. Typing to fast.

In Topic: Frigidaire washer LTF2940FE1 front load

29 July 2013 - 09:58 AM

Just ordered the pump. Not in stock but supposedly will ship July 31/August 1. Fingers crossed that it is the pump and not the door latch electronics. Oh, I also followed up on PDuffs' idea of something maybe between the two drums. I discovered that with a strong small light I could pretty easily look down thru the holes in the inner drum to the outer plastic one. Nothing there unfortunately.

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