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In Topic: LG DLG2625 Gas Dryer won't stay lit

19 August 2014 - 09:03 AM


In Topic: LG DLG2625 Gas Dryer won't stay lit

18 August 2014 - 08:07 PM



Yes, I boffed that up big time. There's even a service bulletin explaining just that (that I read afterwards), so DO'H on me.


Since my initial troubleshooting efforts were negated by my taking the front off, I went back out and STARTED OVER. The customers complaint had morphed from "Won't dry" to "Starts hot then gets cold". My ACTUAL symptoms turned out to be: The flame would ignite once or twice, then sporadically or not at all after that. The ignitor glowed at regular intervals, just no fire. I checked the distance between the ignitor tip and burner tube (as the service bulletin suggested by Dean suggested), found it to be at the max allowed, adjusted it, no change. Since I had replaced the control board, display board (another service bulletin) and the flame sensor (all paid for by LG), I ruled out those as the culprit (this time). Not much left, eh? I replaced the old Kanbishi gas valve assy (that LG said "almost never goes bad" with a new Kanbishi gas valve, and it then lit every single time ignitor glowed.


I thanked my customer for their patience, and informed them their drum has an extended (10 yr) warranty, per yet another service bulletin. After a few days, I called them to make sure it was all good, and they said it was working great.


I appreciate your help, everyone. I certainly learned a lot on this one.


PS: If someone can edit the title to the correct model # (DLG2526 vice DLG2625), or tell me how to, that would be swell. Maybe make it more helpful for someone else looking for solutions.

In Topic: Disgusting fridge...when to refuse?

01 August 2014 - 06:31 PM

My company (as in I, the sole tech) does the service work for a local Aarons (rent to own place). Portable dishwasher dead/not coming on? New control board, old one ruined from roaches. Every time, don't even need to look at it. Last time I picked up a dishwasher from a customers house and took it back to the shop, I had to bug bomb my truck. No more. It rides in the back of an open pickup, or not at all. Probably 50-60% of the houses I go into are FILTHY. I have never refused a job, but I reserve the right to (even though my managers boss started up with the "well, it's your job" shit.) I can't believe how some people live, and I am certainly no clean freak.

In Topic: New washers must have hot water?

29 August 2013 - 06:46 AM

Thank you so much. Oh, I agree completely. Basically, my mind was saying "Fix your $#@!". I had just never heard nor considered that hot water to the machine is a REQUIREMENT. I'm certain I've run a washer off a hose in the yard, in the past (older machines). I'm in a very rural area, and people do some creative engineering sometimes (to their own detriment). Thanks again.

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