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Franz Metcalf

Member Since 05 Sep 2013
Offline Last Active Oct 13 2014 02:49 PM

Topics I've Started

Sub-Zero Icemaker Not Functioning

08 October 2014 - 04:51 PM

HI all,


I have a Sub-Zero 700-TCI, SN M1661963. It's working fine after having a new compressor installed, last year. But the icemaker has not been functioning over the last week or so (hard to tell exactly when it stopped).


I've done the first tests, jumping the T and H holes and nothing happened. The unit is getting power, though, as power is coming from the V hole and I can hear some noise coming from the machine. No water, no movement that I can detect. My manual refers to the ejector position as a diagnostic tool, but doesn't bother to explain what the ejector looks like let alone what the 2:00 or 3:00 or whatever positions are. But it does say "replace icemaker modular head" if the unit doesn't run when jumping the T and H. Sound right? Or is there something more basic to check before buying parts?


I ask about the latter because I did have the water off a couple times, recently, replacing a hot water heater. Don't know if that might have affected the icemaker's water supply (it shouldn't, since I don't make ice with hot water!).





Sub-Zero Service Light

15 September 2013 - 01:29 PM

Hi all,


I became a grasshopper to ask questions about my broken Amana bottom freezer. But, now that I'm here, I would like to ask a question about my 2000 Sub-Zero 700-TCI, SN M1661963. It seems to be cooling well (which is good because it has all the crucial food from the old Amana in it). But it's had the service light flashing for months, from time to time. If I turn off the unit, the light stops for a day, a week, a month. But it comes back on. I'm wondering what it might be. It's just the flashing "SERVICE" light, no EE, no flashing ICE. At http://www.appliance...FaultCodes.html I found this:


00 SERVICE (Flashing) 38
Several excessive compressor run periods OR
Refrigerator evaporator thermistor fault


As for the condenser and evaporator, the condenser coils were somewhat dusty. Now they are clean. And the evaporator, after an hour or so of running, looks like this:




Seems fine to my uneducated eye.


I've put it in diagnostic mode multiple times. Here's what I wrote down a few days ago:


04 F, 22 R, 03 FE, 16 RE


The reason I say "wrote down" is that the R compartment was not that cold. It's full of food, none of it frozen. Either I wrote the number in error, or something is faulty. I suspect the actual temp was 42, not 22. Here's what I wrote over the last half an hour:


04 F, 40 R, 04 FE, 33 RE

01 F, 40 R, -08 FE, 34 RE

-07 F, 40 R, -11 FE, 12 RE


Clearly the freezer is getting too cold, at times. And my nice new liquid thermometer confirms this. I should also admit I have no idea what the FE and RE readings refer to, let alone mean. I've learned from previous threads that this unit is too old to have all the clever error codes newer units have. So all the data I've got, I've listed here. Perhaps I'm getting excessive compressor runs because the freezer is getting too cold? If so, what might I do about it? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


Thanks for any hints,



Fridge Repair Recommendation in Los Angeles?

09 September 2013 - 03:46 PM

Hi all,


Two questions, I guess. The first question is whether it's okay to ask here for a recommendation of someone in Los Angeles to come look at our old bottom freezer? I looked around but couldn't tell if recommendations were kosher here. If not, please accept my noob apology and ignore this post. I'll delete if asked.


If, however, it is okay to ask, then, heck, I'm asking. I posted about this 1999 Amana BRF20, last week, and it's pretty darn certain that we're talking sealed system failure here. See for yourself:




(This is as good as the evaporator ever looks. Temp controls maxed. FF at 45, FZ at 31.)


Yes, I am well aware that putting money into this unit may be throwing good money after bad, but...


I absolutely cannot find—after hours and hours of research—a 36" wide bottom freezer single door fridge. Not one. (Except for $6000 built-ins that would require we rejigger the cabinetry and repaint for another $2000. That's not happening.) Turns out that we designed our kitchen around a dying breed: the single door bottom freezer. We loved it: just open it up and set down your stuff on the counter. Easy! But no no, can't do that anymore. Now you need three arms so you can open the door with one, take out stuff with your second, and then transfer it to your really long third arm to reach around the damn open door that's in your way and put the stuff on the counter. Grrrrrr. :banghead:


Okay, I'm better now. And I trust you can see why, despite the unit's age, we're thinking it might still be worth it to us to spend multiple hundreds of dollars fixing the thing. It seems pretty solid aside from the probable compressor failure or coolant leak. And that's why this grasshopper bows before his senseis and asks if they know a wise teacher who might come to my home to show me his dharmic powers and receive the gift of my chants and prostrations (okay, and the customary repair fees).





Amana Bottom Freezer Dying?

05 September 2013 - 05:39 PM

Hi all,


I'm a newbie, just trying to troubleshoot an old Amana BRF20 from 1999. No problems with it (aside from some vegetable freezing) until now when, during a heatwave, the freezer just won't freeze anymore. I've followed the flowchart and am worried I'm headed to "sealed system failure." Yes, the condenser coils were filthy. I've vacuumed them, though I'll need a real deal brush to get them truly clean. Yes, the cooling fan for the coils is working. (I rolled the unit out, took of the back, and cleaned from there, so I've seen it in action.) Yes, the evaporator fan is running. (At least I can feel the cold [perhaps I should say "cool"] air flowing.) I don't seem able to attach photos, so let me describe the evaporator. When I first took off the freezer back to view it, it had a small amount of ice relatively evenly across the tops of the fins. I unplugged the unit when doing my cleaning. It's been on again for at least 40 minutes, and the evaporator has no ice at all. Indeed, it has drops of water dripping down it. I'm doomed, aren't I?


Thanks for any advice. I can take temperatures, if that would help. I do note that there's what seems to me a really stupid design for the condenser coil housing. They rest on what feels like sheet of flocked paper that completely covers their lower sides, nearly touching them. Seems like that would act as an enormous dust layer. Ought I take it out? It feels as if I could do so pretty easily. Was this installation lameness? Or does it serve a purpose I can't fathom. Or does it just not matter because my fridge is toast?





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