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In Topic: bosch dishwasher shx46b05uc/14 just runs forever now

16 September 2013 - 11:02 PM

which wires do i check for the heater ohm test, and the other heater circuit parts, does anyone know how to do this, i have pictures of the heater wires above with descriptions

In Topic: bosch dishwasher shx46b05uc/14 just runs forever now

16 September 2013 - 03:32 PM

so to clarify, all my controls are on the top edge of door, but i can remove the front of the door and access the control board without a problem.


so take a piece of wire, that has a jacket on it, and connect between the large Gray/Black wire and the Red wire in the center of  the control board.

then use a clamp on amp meter around that same red wire, to check for amperage, clamp meaning the kind that doesnt penetrate the wires, just simply loops around it? i dont have one, but could grab one at lowes.


"""and if you dont mind me asking, just so that i know it's safe, and not going to damage my washer, what wires is the jumper connecting, and why/what for? thanks""""

from my pictures above, can anyone tell me where to specifically check the ohms on the heater, thanks

In Topic: bosch dishwasher shx46b05uc/14 just runs forever now

16 September 2013 - 11:05 AM


http://puu.sh/4sRQm    middle and right side picture




http://puu.sh/4sRPp     left side picture



i tried to post these directly in this post and couldnt figure it out, but this should work just fine


ok, here are pictures of the end of the heating element, it appears that the left and right side connections would be to the end of the actual heating element that is inside the housing, and the center connections im not sure, probably have to do with turning it on and off, as the center has a black switch piece mounted in it, 


so for the wires, here goes, the left side has a red wire to the very center, probably a direct connection to the heating probe's left side, and there are two connections for green wires, "presumably grounds", around the outside edge that just connect to a metal ring that kind of sits around that center connection, the two green wire spots are connected to each other as i did a continuity check on those


now in the center there are two pink wires that coming into that switch in the middle, they are hooked together, as i did a continuity check on that also, and out of the top of that switch is a red wire, which goes over to the right side of the heating element connection.


right side, there is just one red wire, which connects dead center, assuming this is the right side of the heating element direct connection.


.....so i did an ohm test from left side element to right side element, both the red wires on the left and right, and there is no flow, making the meter read basically like you havent touched anything at all, so no path is found between the two whatsoever.  check all other combinations of ohm tests and nothing connected unless you did both grounds, then you get like 2 ohms, and both pinks, same thing, but they have a direct connection to each other anyway, so i expect to get a reading there, 


so is the correct test, left side of the element"red wire" to right side of the element"red wire" if so, no current is finding its way through at all, 


these test are all being done without the dishwasher being hooked up to electric at all

In Topic: bosch dishwasher shx46b05uc/14 just runs forever now

16 September 2013 - 12:19 AM

mine is hardwired, and i dont have clamp test leads, but that gives me some ideas, how about how to test the other components, specifically?  i would like to tear into this thing today/tomorrow, but as i said, the repair manual is not specific enough for me to know what prongs of everything to test

In Topic: bosch dishwasher shx46b05uc/14 just runs forever now

15 September 2013 - 09:57 PM

I have looked at the manual you linked above, and it does appear to the the correct one, but it does not give me specifics or pictures of exactly what wires to test for:

1. incoming amperage, 11amps, says to test black wire, does it mean the black hot wire from my romex that supplies power, and if so, can i just undo the wire nut holding it to the black lead for the dishwasher in the j box, and put my multimeter leads on each of these two wires, seems that might work but not sure how i could hold leads on there to both wires, keeping a good connection and hitting buttons on the dishwasher at same time, all the while not getting shocked, lol...there must be a simpler or smarter way that i am not aware of.

2. then it says to measure voltage at control module, looking for either 0 vac or 120 vac, where do i put my test leads for this test

3. now it says measure resistance at heater terminals, there are several wires on the heater module, of different colors and such, which ones, and do i have to disconnect the wires, or leave them on, does the dishwash have to be on or off for this test, or does it matter?  would be great to have a picture of the heater module, showing the connectors, and someone being able to draw an arrow and say this one and this one.

4. then it says check hi-limit, flow switch and circulation pump


I can do all this but it doesnt go into detain about how, i know the hi-limit switch is on top of the heater, and the heater would have to be removed to get to it, there is a picture of the NTC "whatever that means", that shows which side is the hi-limit, so i think i could test the ohms on that as there appear to be only 2 prongs on the hi-limit side, so this one i may know how to do on my own


I simply think i need pictures, and or examples on how to do these tests, i can access parts if need be, apparently the heater itself can be tested from the side possibly without completely removing the base, i would prefer that approach first for a main heater test, and if by chance it tests good, then i can drop the base and heater assembly to test the other stuff that i would need to get access to.

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