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Michael Kempa

Member Since 25 Dec 2013
Offline Last Active Jan 09 2014 10:13 PM

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6 Month Old Duet Washer - Multiple Warranty Repair Attempts Failed

28 December 2013 - 05:26 PM

Model:  Whirlpool Duet wfw96heau0 


Our 6th month old Whirlpool Duet washing machine started throwing a F8E1 error a few weeks ago. When the error first occurred, I thought it was a fluke so I tried starting it up again after draining the tub by pressing the power button. After watching the machine closely during the next cycle, it was clear that too much water was entering the tub, causing it to stop.


I called Whirlpool, who put us in touch with A&E Service. The following is what has happened since:


December 13:          


First tech checks the machine and decides to order the following parts:


Central Control Unit  - W10491366

Inlet Manifold Valve – W10247306



December 23:


2nd tech installs the parts, but the washer is still throwing the same error.  2nd tech thinks that a new pressure switch is needed and orders the following part:


Pressure Switch – W10448876


I was told by the tech that the new part was not scheduled to arrive until December 30th. Not wanting to wait, I was able to order the same part myself via Sears Parts Direct and had it shipped overnight.  I also ordered a Flowmeter on the advice I found on an appliance repair forum.


                              Flowmeter -  W10110225


December 27th


The parts I ordered arrive. I installed them and still have the same problem.


December 28th:


I had A&E come back out on the 28th, since the new parts had been installed and I wanted to keep the process moving as fast   as possible. The same tech who had been out previously  happened to return for this visit. He checked my work and found that it was done correctly. He then called into a support  number and he and the tech on the phone decided to order more parts:


                                    Sensor - W10306690  (sits on the top of the detergent dispenser)

                                    Diverter Valve - W10239942

                                    Expansion Board - W10388229


Further Info:


When I put the washer in diagnostic mode. It fails at the C01 test after filling for about a minute. The error is  F8E0, which according to the technical guide is an error that only happens when in diagnostic mode.


If I skip ahead of the C01 test manually the washer will continue to fill (non-stop) during the C02 and C04 tests – it never progresses by itself, which the manual indicates should happen.


One other interesting thing I noticed during the diag tests is that the manual states that during C07 (drain test) that drain pump will operate until the washer is fully drained and then run an additional 15 seconds. It really only drains for about 15 seconds, despite there being a lot of water still in the tub. When I run a drain, spin cycle, the washer drains normally, and it also drains properly after it fails a regular wash cycle and throws a code. I am not sure if this another problem, or an issue with the documentation.


The real question I have is what mechanism determines the amount of water that should be in the tub? Is it just the pressure switch (which has been replaced)? I did a blow test on the tube that the pressure switch connects to, and I hear the air in the tub. The tech also did the same and didn’t think it was clogged.


Any advice would be welcome.

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