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Member Since 26 Jan 2014
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SHX5AL02UC06 Bosch Dishwasher Starts then goes to clean without washing dishes

23 March 2014 - 05:13 PM

The problem-  Dishwasher repeatedly fails to run thru a cleaning cycle.  It goes to "clean" after making a few noises and takes less than 5 minutes.


The error code after doing this is a flashing active and clean.  = Drain pump.  I have checked I can drain good amount of water in the bottom of the pan.


When I run the customer test program it runs completely.  After I run it the dishwasher works several more times no problem, but then reverts back to the problem above.  I have been doing this for about two months, but am tired of doing this workaround.  There is consistency as it always gives me the same failure and error codes.


I get a solid clean light as the error code after running the customer test program.....which is not on my list of error codes.  A flashing clean light is for door.  


Thanks in advance for any help.

SHX5AL02UC06 Bosch Dishwasher will not fill. Starts then stops after 5 minutes

26 January 2014 - 04:05 PM

 I have a Bosch SHX5AL02UC06 dishwasher.  It runs for about 5 minutes, but never fills with water and then the light comes on that says it is clean and it stops.  This has been going on for months.  Usually it just takes resetting or turning off on and starting over once or twice.  Lately it is taking close to a dozen attempts and it is making me want to throw it away and just get a new one.  I have tried filling up the bottom of the dishwasher with water after I hear the click and sounds that indicate it is done with draining.  Sometimes this works, but not sure if it is random or because I did it after the 10th or 11th try.  Wondering if using hot vs cold water would make a difference...will try that next.


I have confirmed/done the following.

1. The water drains at the beginning of the cycle.

2.  The water valve's solenoid is reading 1000 ohms.

3. When I run the dishwasher with the wires to the water valve off and connected to a volt meter, all I get is about 4-5 VAC during the entire cycle....as if the valve is not getting the power to open up. 

4.  I have confirmed the float valve switch is working using an ohm meter.


I have two theories I am working on:


1.  Something in the control board or sensing is bad.  Why else would I not get power to the solenoid for the water valve.

2.  There is an air lock that is giving a pump cavitation and this causes the control circuit to not send AC to the water valve.


Once I get thru the first fill cycle, the water valve seems to work, because I feel the hose running to it and it is hot, indicating there has been hot water running thru it.  Can someone confirm how many times the water valve normally opens up during a complete cycle?  Could it be that the only water used during the entire cycle is what I put in the tube manually??



Looking for any help on this one I can get.


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