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[Webinar - Rescheduled] Samurai's Sealed System Sleuthing Secrets - 11/6/2017 @7PM ET

This announcement is no longer active

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Note: This webinar was rescheduled from its original date on October 30 to November 6. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates! 

Having laid some theoretical groundwork in the last webinar, we're going to focus on practical considerations in this one. That means quick n’ dirty techniques for diagnosing sealed system problem using strategically chosen and skillfully interpreted temperature measurements. 

  • Review homework from the first session on 10-2-2017.
  • Home refrigerator practical design and operating rules-of-thumb useful for troubleshooting
  • Practical application exercises
  • Troubleshooting scenario exercise
  • Techniques for making system temperature measurements for determining superheat and subcooling
  • Sealed system diagnosis homework assignment (to be reviewed in the next webinar in this series)

If you attended the first webinar in this series, this is your payday! We’re going to apply that keen, penetrating insight you now possess into money- and time-saving shortcuts you can use to diagnose real-world refrigeration systems on service calls.

See this calendar event for more details 











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