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Moostafa's Hookah Tent

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About this blog

Hello, my friend. Greetings from Afghanistan! Allah has blessed us with an abundant poppy crop. Take a break from your appliance repair battles, come in, load up the hookah and share enjoy some musings from the mountains of Afghanistan.

Entries in this blog


Islamic "Bacon"

Hello, my infidel friends. Today, I would like to share with you a sad tale which illustrates the cultural distinction between the low-brow Arab people and the much more refined Pashtun and Tajik tribes of Afghanistan:   The full story is published here. You see, here in Afghanistan we do not have such problems as discussed in the above article, for we consume the "bacon" of male yak. Since it is made not from pigs, our "bacon" is halal, that is, it is permitted under the Sharia




A day in the life of an Afghani yak farmer

Hello, my Ameedican infidel friends. I would like to share with you today a snippet of my life here in the beautiful Afghani mountains.  After arising at 4am, my four wives and 17 children begin our usual morning prayers to Allah, the Compassionate and Merciful, with three hours of Afghani devotional throat-singing. Then we must tend to the yaks and camels, for throat singing terrifies them so they require much comforting. This is most efficaciously done by blowing copious amounts of the sm




Hello, my friends. Please allow me to introduce myself.

Greetings and As-salāmu ʿalaykum to all my Ameedican infidel friends!  You have seen me posting in these venerable forums from time to time in the past but please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Moostafa Hakahallah and I am writing to you from my tent in the mountains of my native Afghanistan.  I have known the Samurai for several decades, dating back to his work with the CIA while I was in the elite and fearsome Appliance Repair Corps of the Mujahideen during our resistance t



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