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About this blog

Musings and news from Brother Quick.

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Going out of business.

Is the ship sinking? Is the ship going to sink? After 27 years in business I've had to answer yes. My ship is sinking and it's going to sink. Never put off thinking until the last minute (what now) by sticking your head in the sand. Exiting business can be just as challenging as entering into it. I really admire all you technicians. You're hard working, smart, problem solving professionals. This site has a great and willing teacher to show you your way to the mountain top! Take advantage of the courses here.  Myself, opportunity was just handed to me. I give all credit to God. I'm returning to the oil field as a drilling supervisor.  Good luck to one and all. I renewed my membership here just in case.  Like I always say. One can always trade a chicken for a service call in hard times. L.O.L. Good luck all. Quick       



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