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About this blog

We are developing controls solutions for home appliances, beginning with touchpads!  Check here for updates on our latest products/developments.

Entries in this blog


We've seen a ton of Dacor built-in ovens fall victim to F1 and F7 error codes.  The F1 can be caused by a number of different things: failed control boards, high resistance connections to the temperature sensors, and failed touchpads.  F7 is only the result of failed touchpad.  But, failed touchpads don't always yield error codes - other symptoms include erratic behavior ("ghost in the oven") and/or non-responsiveness.

Unfortunately, OEM touchpads are no longer available, and the ones available through 3rd party resellers are at risk of being faulty.  So when the touchpad fails, it looks the only option a homeowner has it replace their oven...their nice, built-in Dacor oven that cost them a hunk of change and perfectly fits in with their kitchen already.  This does not make for happy campers.

But not anymore!  The BoardFruit LinkBox Keypad Replacement Kit is a slick new gadget that enables a user to interface with the OEM Dacor control board via touchscreen tablet in place of the failed OEM touchpad.  And it's really easy to install.

The module ships with a mounting bracket that tucks in right behind the OEM control board.  Then, you just have to make three electrical connections:
1) Connect the large BoardFruit LinkBox ribbon cable to the OEM control board in place of the OEM panel's ribbon cable.
2) Connect the small BoardFruit LinkBox ribbon cable to the OEM relay board in pace of the once coming from the panel.
3) Make two piggy-back spade terminal connections on the OEM relay board which will supply 120VAC to the BoardFruit LinkBox.

Close the oven up and flip the breaker back on (because you definitely turned it off before accessing the control cabinet, right?).  Boot up the 7" tablet that shipped with the LinkBox and it will load straight into our app and make a wireless connection to the LinkBox (no wifi network required).

Presto Chango!  Now the oven has a modern new interface while simultaneously preserving the original kitchen aesthetic.

Interested?  You can check out our website here, but you should message me privately for the Appliantology discounted price.




Introducing BoardFruit, Inc!

Introducing BoardFruit, Inc!

We are hardware engineers with over ten years of specialization in appliance controls.  We started out repairing control boards - mostly for ovens, refrigerators, and a few microwaves.

Anybody who works on appliances knows well that the electronics do not last long.  In fact, it appears they work just long enough to outlast manufacturer warranties and parts supply lines.  When they do fail, replacement control boards are generally pretty hard to find, and expensive when available.

You can get hard-to-source control boards repaired by a number of different operations around the country, but the success rate isn't the most reliable.  Often, the homeowner's equipment can have a number of different parts failures, and the control board is just the tip of the iceberg.  Even worse, nobody fixes touchpads.  If a touchpad fails, and no replacements can be found, the whole appliance has to go to the landfill!!

We are putting an end to this.  Imagine: one control board package that can go into nearly any appliance and comes with its own remote touchpad.  Anytime we think there might be a control failure or touchpad failure (think F1 error codes), we can just pop one of those babies in and find out real quick whether we've solved the appliance failure.  Even better! What if that control board had on-board diagnostics that could tell you what else might be the problem in the appliance?

Sounds too good to be true if you ask me.  Unfortunately, it is....for now.  But we are working on this!  We actually do have our first product out right now.  It's nowhere near as sophisticated as what I've just described, but it's still pretty cool, and it's keeping expensive Dacor ovens out of the landfill.

We've made a slick little gadget that installs on the backside of a failed Dacor oven panel and connects to the OEM control board in place of the OEM touchpad.  This little gadget also comes with a 7" touchscreen tablet booted with our custom software - a wireless, digital touchpad that restores full control of the Dacor oven to the homeowner.  Check out the next blog post for more details!!

This is our introduction to the Appliantology community.  We hope to work together with anybody interested.  We want your input, feedback, insults, and compliments.  Oh, and hopefully you like our products enough to buy them, as well :P