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Inverter or Compressor: Which is the Culprit?

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) systems have been around long enough now that most of us know the procedure for troubleshooting them. You have three main tests that you perform: 1. Check for the PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) signal from the main control to the inverter. This is a DC square wave data signal that alternates between 0-5 VDC. The inverter has to receive this signal from the main board in order for it to run the motor. 2. Check the 120 VAC input to the inverter board. This has

Son of Samurai

Son of Samurai

Professional Appliantologist Membership Application

FOR PROFESSIONAL APPLIANCE TECHS ONLY! Appliantology is the premiere appliance tech support site on the web. This annual membership unlocks the total and awesome power of Appliantology, turning it into a fearsome weapon of mass instruction and appliance information tool for the professional appliance tech who needs bleeding edge technical info. You'll get all of these perks and benefits: All-star access to the Techs-only appliance repair and business forums UNLIMITED high-spe

Son of Samurai

Son of Samurai in Memberships

KitchenAid KGRS505XWH05 Range Mysteriously Refuses to Bake or Broil

What do you do when an appliance, despite all appearances of normality, simply refuses to do its job? The Samurai and I were forced to answer this very question today. The culprit: A KitchenAid KGRS505XWH05 double oven all gas range. The complaint: The customer told us that neither the top nor the bottom ovens would ignite, but the cooktop worked fine. The customer's description turned out to be about right (for once). The upper oven broil and lower oven bake ignitors would glow f

Son of Samurai

Son of Samurai

Upcoming Server Migration

Greetings, my brethren in the craft! I wanted to give you all a heads up about the server migration that's currently in progress here at Appliantology. You shouldn't notice too much amiss while this is going on (besides some downtime early Saturday morning when the actual transfer takes place), but there may still be some weirdness. For example, we just noticed that some PA membership renewal notices just got sent out to a few of our users that had already renewed within the past few weeks.

Son of Samurai

Son of Samurai

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