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Welcome to the New Digs!

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


It was a long, tough day yesterday being a keyboard warrior, getting the forums converted to from UltraBB to this new forum software, Invision Power Board. Most stuff came through fine though there are plenty of bugzillas scittering about. If you find one, lemme know and I'll squash it.

Some known problems:

- About 30 to 40 Chief Apprentice Appliantologists (Permapprentices) transferred over as Grasshoppers. If you're one of those, let me know and I'll fix it for you.

- The user titles and groups are handled differently in this forum software. Consequently, longer user titles get truncated in the topic view. Looks kinda weird. Working on it.

- The aspect ratio for some of the avatars are messed up. Not sure why. Should be easy to fix by just re-uploading your avatar.

Some tips:

- Upper RH corner, pull down menu, select My Settings. Poke around in there, tons of stuff to fiddle with. Notably, set your notification preferences for getting updates on topics you've posted in.

- Also skim thru the help file-- link just under your name, upper RH corner-- lots of good tips there.

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Recommended Comments

at the bottom of a forum topic(i.e the bottom of all kitchen posts on the page) a new line has appeared today... "click here to show filter options"

lots of nice toys in there, you can quickly filter out everything but posts you have replied to

not sure if everyone gets this, or only the mods(i see the moderator functions are now activated) hoping all masters see this now, cause lots were asking how to easily find posts they were working on

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Samurai Appliance Repair Man


Great tip, Brnt! I hadn't stumbled on that one yet. Domo!

Here's one I found: in the My Settings section in the pulldown menu under your username (upper RH corner) you have all kinds of options for notifications. You can even get notified if someone quotes you!

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