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[Webinar Recording] How to Run an Appliance Repair Business During a Lockdown

Son of Samurai


With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, things are changing quickly. No matter how long or short the actual pandemic lasts, everything won't just go back to how it used to be, and if we appliance repair techs want to stay in business, we will have to adapt.

What exactly that adaptation looks like remains to be seen, but Team Samurai has been in the business long enough to have some solid ideas about it. Heavy sanitation precautions are something that is already happening and will continue to become more and more of a necessity. And more radical than that, virtual service calls could be a big part of the business model for appliance repair industry of the future.

Want to know how your life as a tech will change in the coming weeks and months? Watch the video below.


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I’m struggling to find disinfectant spray, wipes or hand sanitizer. 

You’d think “essential” business owners would be given priority in receiving these goods. We are, as you say, bees buzzing through our communities. You’d think government would want us equipped to help against spreading it, to the best of our abilities, throughout our communities. 

But hell hospitals can’t what they need either. 

It’s a disorganized mess. 

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Koi Guy


Absolutely spot on. Yep, time to adapt. Sorry to say this but no government check or loan will help anyone. If you were just getting by before, this not going to magically help you. You better figure this out, or you will be further behind. 


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